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// Already A Cult Classic - The Callaway X Utility Prototype Irons

QUESTION: What do the movies Office Space, The Lost Boys, Pootie Tang, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dazed & Confused and The Thing all have in common?  Their all Cult Classics.  What do Cult Classic movies and golf have to do with today's announcement by Callaway?  Well...Callaway seems to have created somewhat of a Cult Classic following themselves for this new club their announcing today.

For those of you that don't know, Callaway has been not so secretly testing (thanks to sites like MGS) a new prototype on tour called the Callaway X-Utility Prototype Iron for some time now.  First time I set eyes on it, I that is a winner.  At least from the design standpoint of the club.  Question was would Callaway actually release it to the public?  You might be saying well if they have a winner on their hands why WOULDN'T they release it to the public.  Honestly, the market for a club like this is small...and it doesn't always make financial sense.

// The New & Improved Callaway Golf

But...Callaway has a new man at the helm (new CEO, Chip Brewer)...and let's just say the culture around Callaway is about to change!  Hell it's already changin'.  And for the better in my opinion.  And if you just take a quick look at his past experience as CEO of Adams Golf you will notice that he is quite famous for creating Cult Classic prototype club designs and then bringing them to retail success.

And the other thing about the new CEO is he listens to YOU.  Yes YOU.  In todays world of product design, development & marketing millions and millions are spent on consulting regarding little things like what color should we paint on the club this year.  Hell some companies even consult with fashion trenders from around the world to see what colors are going to be popular 12-18 months from now.  And while I agree 100% in the importance of this in a new design...that is not always how Chip likes to work.

Nope the new CEO of Callaway listens to the consumers better than anyone I have run across.  And yes that means even from sites like MyGolfSpy and the comments you write on our articles.  I could list quite a few design tweaks he has made at the last minute because of things that came from people like you, sites like MGS and friends of his that don't even work for the company.  Expensive consumer panel market research is great, but sometimes you just gotta go with your gut....cause it almost never fails you.


// Introducing - The Callaway X Utility Prototype Iron

Designed to replace the 2-, 3- and 4-irons that many players have been gravitating away from over the last several years, the X Utility Prototype Irons found an immediate home in the bags of several of the world’s best players, including Phil Mickelson, Branden Grace and Ernie Els.

X Utility Prototypes feature a state-of-the-art forged construction that delivers a combination of distance, speed, feel and control that has been lacking in this important area of a player’s bag for some time,” said Luke Williams, Callaway’s Global Director of Woods and Irons.  “Many players have replaced their long irons with hybrids, which are easier to hit, but the X Utility Protoypes offer a level of precision that our Tour staff has been very pleased with, plus these clubs offer a tighter dispersion than hybrids on mis-hits.

The amount of excitement that our X Utility Prototype Irons have generated on Tour and among the avid followers of golf equipment has been overwhelming and underscores our commitment to develop and introduce exciting new designs through work with the best players in the world.”

Each iron features removable weights on the sole that range from two to eight grams in two-gram increments that allow players to make swingweight adjustments to fit individual needs surrounding length, shaft and grip options.

The Callaway X Utility Prototype Irons will be available in three lofts (18, 21, 24 degrees) at select retail locations.

// How To Enter & Win

Callaway Golf has a new CEO and new heads of Marketing and Sales.  Along with R&D, they are completely revamping their entire 2013 product line and go to market plans.  We’re hearing good things about the talent in place and what is to come, but the proof has yet to be seen.

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// PICS! - Callaway X Utility Prototype Irons

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