There was a time in the not-so-distant past that COBRA was arguably the most exciting brand in the driver game. From the AMP and BIO Cell line to the famous (infamous?) original LTD, nothing else on the tee box looked quite like a COBRA driver. In recent years, however, it seems like that feeling has faded. While COBRA has continued to perform well in testing, the Speedzone and RADSpeed lineups just didn’t create the same spark for consumers.

Now, though, COBRA is reaching into the well to try and bring back those warm and fuzzy feelings. The COBRA LTDx driver carries the same name (minus the spaceport) plus all the technology the past five years have added. Is it time to get excited about COBRA drivers again? Let’s review the COBRA LTDx MAX driver and find out.



The LTD in LTDx stands for “longest total distance”, so COBRA is drawing a line in the sand that their driver will be, well, the longest driver of 2022 in total distance. The MAX is positioned as the most forgiving in the LTDx lineup. With the 10-gram weight in the back position, COBRA puts the MOI number at 5,400 and, while that’s not challenging the USGA limit, it’s on the higher end of the market and, perhaps more importantly, it’s where COBRA feels its take on a MAX driver can strike the right balance between exceptional forgiveness and exceptional ball speed.

On the technology front, the LTDx MAX brings together all of the advancements COBRA has marketed over the past half-decade. That includes a new generation of the CNC-milled “infinity face” as well as H.O.T. (highly optimized topology) variable-face thickness. While the F9 had three thickness zones, the LTDx lineup has 15 discrete thickness zones. COBRA designed the additional zones to help produce high ball speed all across the face.

New to the LTDx lineup is the PWR-CORE weight cartridge that helps optimize the distribution of mass for each of the drivers. The PWR-CORE weight in the COBRA LTDx MAX is 10 grams. That’s paired with a five-gram back weight along with 13 grams (10 grams and three grams) of movable weight. With the 10-gram weight in the heel position, the MAX should offer a decent level of anti-slice shot-shape correction.


We hit 18,000-plus shots in our 2022 Most Wanted Driver Test to give you the most comprehensive breakdown of total distance, carry, ball speed and accuracy at three different swing speeds (low, mid and high).

For this test, 35 golfers tested the COBRA LTDx MAX driver inside our lab over 420 hours. Data was collected using Foresight GCQuad launch monitors. To minimize variables, all testers hit Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Outliers were removed and data was aggregated before scores were calculated.

titleist tsi 3 driver


So, with 35 golfers across multiple swing speeds and many shots, what sort of conclusions can we draw from the COBRA LTDx MAX review? Let’s dive into the data to discover if the COBRA LTDx MAX driver should be on your list to demo or if it’s not one to get excited about.

Overall, the COBRA LTDx MAX didn’t provide the longest distance (carry or total) of the drivers tested. We will also break it down by individual swing speeds.


If you’re a slow swing speed player (95 mph and lower), this data below is for you. The COBRA LTDx MAX was more accurate than the average driver tested by our low-swing speed golfers but fell short in the distance department with below-average results.


Swing speed is very often a key factor in determining the best performing clubs for each individual golfer. The mid swing speed group showed nearly 20 yards of difference between the longest and shortest drivers. If you’re a mid swing speed player (95-105 mph), this data below is for you. At this swing speed, the COBRA LTDx MAX flipped the script somewhat from the low-speed swings, resulting in better than average distance.


Whether you’re an off-the-rack buyer, someone who’s constantly tweaking your gear or who is going to take the time to get fitted by a knowledgeable professional, we’re here to help you. If you’re a high swing speed player (105-plus mph), this data below is for you. If there’s one group to who may get excited about the COBRA LTDx MAX, it is likely the high speed group. With top-five rankings in carry, total distance, and forgiveness it gave an impressive overall performance. Interestingly, while the ball speeds weren’t the highest, the distance numbers show the efficiency is there for high swing speed players to get a lot out of the ball speeds produced.

cobra max driver review


  • The driver’s looks and profile generated several positive comments, a plus for a more forgiving driver head.
  • Negative comments were varied and reflect the performance at different swing speeds. Some testers expressed disappointment with the distance while others noted poor dispersion.
  • Some testers expressly noted it was their favorite driver in the test and predicted it would be an overall winner.

As we can see above, the COBRA LTDx MAX review and data tells a very different story depending on the swing speed. While slow to mid swing speed golfers might need to look elsewhere for their demo days, high swing speed players in search of a bit of forgiveness likely will want to give the LTDx MAX a try.


Everything prior to testing at the MyGolfSpy test facility is measured. We think it is important that the product each and every manufacturer delivers matches their own stated specifications for a given club or set of clubs.  The goal of checking specs is to find out if the clubs you buy are the clubs you get.

Cobra ltdx review


Q: How often should I buy a new driver?

A: Typically, it takes three to five years for manufacturers to make any significant performance gains. Though we all want something new from time to time, our recommendation is to buy a new driver only when it appreciably outperforms what is already in your bag.

Q: Does the shaft matter?

A: Absolutely. While changes to spin and launch differences are rarely massive, shaft changes frequently lead to improved accuracy, tighter dispersion and greater overall consistency.

Q: What should I look for when testing drivers?

A: Don’t focus exclusively on distance. While we all want a few more yards, accuracy and forgiveness matter. Most launch monitors display standard deviations in small print under the averages. Smaller standard deviations correlate to greater consistency. That shouldn’t be overlooked.

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