Evnroll Midlock – Key Takeaways

  • Evnroll Midlock is “Armlock made easy”
  • The Midlock grip has the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA
  • MSRP $419 – Availability March 2021

If you’re unfamiliar with Evnroll, or what the Evnroll Midlock putter is capable of, take a peek at this video about Sweet Face technology.

Evnroll’s Sweet Face technology has set a new standard in the industry. Take our Most Wanted Putter Test for example. More than 75 percent of putters have some kind of face technology. Whether it be a face insert with a mill pattern or descending loft grooves to help the ball roll consistent, more and more OEM’s are buying into the new industry standard. If they don’t, they will be left behind.

With Midlock, Evnroll has incorporated its face technology in a putter for all the armlock lovers. It’s also Evnroll’s belief that they can make you a better putter. But there’s a twist…

Why Do Armlock Putters Even Exist?

Three key points:

  • Removes any wrist-hand movement
  • More control of face angle
  • Promotes consistency and rhythm

All of these points allow the golfer to eliminate variables in the putting stroke and, in theory, deliver the putter head the same way every time. Also, the most common knock on so-called Armlock putters is the challenging of consistent distance control on longer lag putts.

Why Should I Care About The Evnroll Midlock?

Have you ever walked around a big box store, picked up an armlock putter just to roll a few putts? Did you feel like you had your shorts on sideways? Yeah, me too. Its not unusual to feel this awkward as most people play with a 33-35 inch putter and An armlock putter certainly pulls you out of your comfort zone.

However, that might change with the Evnroll Midlock’s unique design. Evnroll claims its patented grip makes you feel like you have a normal putter in your hands. It seems hard to believe a grip can make that much of an impact but Evnroll back their claim. Evnroll call it “Armlock made easy.”

What’s Different about Evnroll Midlock?

Normal armlock putters have a straight/flat grip from top to bottom, making the golfer feel awkward because they have to forward press a LARGE amount to keep the grip on the leading forearm. Evnroll, however, states the Midlock putters will bring armlock to every golfer in an uncomplicated, user-friendly way.

Evnroll looked at the armlock design completely differently. The putters are just six inches longer than the length required for a conventional setup. The extra six-inch pistol section is the part that extends above the hands. So, if you use a 34-inch putter, you would use a 40-inch Midlock.

The Midlock grip features the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA. Evnroll positioned the grip sideways whereby the deep pistol pushes the shaft angle away from the mid-forearm, reducing the typical nine degrees of loft to just four, similar to a simple forward press.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Midlock grip is positioned halfway up the forearm unlike a traditional armlock putter which extends to the elbow. With most armlock putters, you have to position the ball high off your lead toe which is not the most natural position for most golfers. The Midlock grip helps the putter feel like a traditional 34-inch putter that most golfers are accustomed to.


What Are You “Teching” About?

Evnroll has been very successful because of one major feature: face technology. More importantly, Sweet Face technology. The patented design allows mishit putts to go the same distance as center strikes. Take a look below to see how it’s done.

But how do Sweet Face grooves make the ball go straight and not offline? Simple.

Zero Dispersion – A series of closely spaced variable-width channels that are wider in the center and get gradually narrower toward the heel and toe creates a precisely calibrated inward V-shape from both the heel and toe that progressively redirects the ball down the target line.

Even Roll Distance – Because the channels get narrower away from the center, the spacing gets wider. This increase in contact surface means more energy transfer and replaces the energy lost when a ball is hit away from the sweet spot. So center and off-center hits travel the same distance.


If the grooves are too big, the ball would hit the face like there were no grooves. Grooves that are too small don’t work either. They have to be just the right size and positioned correctly to work effectively. It’s been proven time and time again in our Most Wanted Putter Testing.

How Did The Evnroll Midlock Perform?

Did I like it or was it a flop?

This is coming from a golfer who has traditionally used a 33- or 34-inch putter. I’ve tinkered with an armlock but I couldn’t get comfortable. It always felt like I had a metal bar attached to my arm. Funny right? Because thats exactly what it is. It enables you and the putter to become one unit. I just didn’t have the patience to trust the process as I was looking for a quick fix. It’s not how this works.

You see these tour professional use these armlock putters and do just fine. That’s because they have hours upon hours getting comfortable with different techniques that most of don’t have the same time to do armlocks justice. However, I gave the Midlock a go to see if it lived up to Evnroll’s reputation.

Long Putts: The Midlock allowed me to feel compact with my arms and putter being one, just a traditional armlock putter. However, the Midlock felt more comfortable compared to a traditional armlock putter. I did notice my hands being quieter throughout the stroke which is what I need as I tend to get handsy from time to time.

Medium Putts: I have always struggled starting putts on my intended line. Armlock putters, in general, help assist with this. So as expected, the Midlock helped maintain that truth. If I missed, they were lipping out and finishing in gimme range. So far it was holding its own.

Short Putts: This is where I saw the most significant difference. I felt confident over the shorter putts as I knew my stroke was more compacted. This is important to me because in pressure situations I want to feel as confident as possible.

Evnroll’s new line is 100-percent milled compared to some previous models that featured a face insert. This in-turn makes the face feel softer on impact which I prefer. Is also has something to do with the energy loss which I eluded to earlier in the article. Still not sure what I’m talking about? Keep reading.

If you’re not familiar with Evnroll, you will notice center hits do not go as far as a center hit on a Scotty Cameron, for example. Not a dramatic amount but enough to notice. This is because of the patented grooves whereby energy is lost on centered hits. So be aware you might come up short on some putts to start with. My advice is to hit it harder. Simple! Do not give up on this technology as it will help your game in the long run if you give it time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a putter to do the work for you, this putter won’t do that. Although, the Evnroll Midlock will likely eliminate variables in your stroke and keep your putter face from twisting. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

The biggest help that the Midlock produced was the set up. Personally, I didn’t feel as awkward with the Midlock as I did with a traditional armlock. It has all the benefits of an armlock but feels like a regular 34 inch putter in terms of ball position and familiarity. The Midlock allowed me to focus on the putt in hand and nothing else. Give it time, more practice, and the Evnroll Midlock might be “going straight in my basket!”

Do you think the Evnroll Midlock could help your game? Let me know in the comment section!


What Models Does the Evnroll Midlock Come In?

The Midlock will be available beginning in March 2021 for $419.

Not a fan of the ER11V MOI Mallet look? Not to worry. The Midlock is available in ER2V, ER5V and the ER8V.

You can also fit your chosen model to your stroke via four different drop-in hosels which will be offered only in their custom shop.

If you’re curious about what the V stands for, check out Evnroll’s V Series article by Chris Nickel. You can also take a look at this video of Chris’ sit down with Guerin Rife. sit down with Guerin Rife.

Evnroll's Midlock Putter

Evnroll's Midlock Putter