Lines are science. That’s the premise behind Callaway’s Triple Track Technology which it first unveiled with the ERC Soft ball in early January. ERC Soft was the answer to the Titleist Tour Soft ball.

With this release, Callaway is bringing its line-based technology (YMMV) to an actual tour ball. The new Chrome Soft X flavor of Triple Track has been played by Callaway’s most eclectic staffer, Phil Mickelson. Three lines aside, it’s the same Chrome Soft X with Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core and urethane cover that’s been on the market since early 2018. The ripple, of course, is the addition of scientifically-backed alignment lines, which cover half the circumference of the ball. The other half is blank, so the lines are only there when you want them to be. With that, if the technology works, it’s reasonable to question when it might be to the players’ benefit not to use it?

Triple Track Technology is based on Vernier Hyper Acuity, which allows the brain to operate beyond typical visual limitations. When our eyes are provided certain cues (such as lines of particular color, width, and spacing) a state of hyperacuity can be achieved, whereby the brain is more sensitive to minute differences and can discern straightness better, the net result is an enhanced ability to aim, which is why the technology is used for guns and to help pilots land on aircraft carriers. When trying to get a 1.68″ ball in a 4.25″ cup, minute differences in aim can certainly be the difference between a miss and make – at least that’s the theory. If success on the course is due, in part, to the elimination of as many variables as possible, visual technology which helps direct focus deserves some serious consideration.

We don’t often see technology trickle-up product lines as it’s typically the absence of said technology which helps separate models and, in part, justify price differences. But Callaway is now a solid #2 in the ball category and has shown zero hesitation to go down whichever path it feels might help it grab a bit more market share.


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With the emergence of Callaway’s Truvis, TaylorMade’s TP5 PIX, and now the Chrome Soft X with Triple Track Technology has visual technology become a factor into your ball purchasing decisions?

Availability and Pricing

Retail Availability for the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track begins April 19th. Retail price is the same as the white and Truvis versions of the ball – $44.99/dozen