20 Second Intro

Model: Callaway Sure Out Wedge
Available Lofts: 58° and 64°
Stock Shafts: KBS Tour 90 (Steel) UST Wedge 65 (Graphite)
MSRP: $119.99

Callaway Sure Out Wedge-2

The Sure Out Wedge

When I saw the Callaway Sure Out Wedge at the PGA Show, I was instantly reminded of two things:

To be sure, it’s a design that’s appreciably different than what most of us carry, and for that reason alone, it quickly became a point of discussion at PGA Show between myself and one of the other equipment media guys.

I say it looks pretty good for what it is. The differing opinion; it doesn’t look good, regardless of what it is.

The differing assessments boil down to two things.

  • Super Game Improvement Wedges Look Weird – mostly because we seldom see them. The majority of golfers, regardless of their ability, carry a conventional blade-style wedge…Vokey, most Cleveland stuff, Mack Daddy, and even the occasional TaylorMade. True game-improvement wedges are few and far between. Super-Game-Improvement wedges? Fewer still. Until now the category included the Cleveland Smart Sole and whatever happens to pop-up on the Golf Channel between showings of Tin Cup. The infomercial component is likely why many of us shake our heads when we see something like the Sure Out.
  • The Rounded Leading Edge – If you like the way the Callaway PM Grind Wedge sets up (where the rounded leading edge appears to sit a bit under the ball, you’ll likely find the Sure Out a bit more appealing than a guy who hates the way the PM Grind looks at address. I love it. My discussion partner, however; not what you’d call a PM Grind fan.

Callaway Sure Out Wedge-3

Why Make Such Visually Distinct Wedge?

Yeah, I’m being kind. Visually distinct is a kinder take on weird looking, perhaps even ugly. So why make such a weird looking wedge? Because it simplifies the game for the target demographic.

If that’s not you, then it’s not you. No hard feelings. No need to grumble, but if it is you, allow me to tell you more.

The Sure Out Wedge is the result of Callaway’s work with Hank Haney. Tiger time behind him, Haney’s current pool of students is mostly made up of middle and high handicap golfers, many of whom admittedly don’t spend a lot of time practicing their short games.

At Haney’s urging Callaway set about to design a high lofted wedge that’s easy to use.

Callaway Sure Out Wedge-1

What does that actually mean?

Allow me to answer your question with a question: Have you ever carried a 64° wedge?

Talk about risk reward…

That easy to use stuff means is a wedge that doesn’t require the golfer to change his stance, is designed to be hit with a square face from any lie (no manipulating the face to get out of the bunker), and is basically impossible to chunk, blade, or shank.

There’s a small part of me thinking sign me up right now.

The enhanced playability is the result of Sure Out’s unconventional design. Like the PM Grind the Sure Out features grooves across the full face. So no matter how awful the swing, you’ll (almost) always catch groove.

The wedge is larger heel to toe than a conventional wedge (more forgiveness), and it has a wider (massively wide) sole with lots of bounce and plenty of camber (the radius of the sole front to back) to help the club travel through the fairway, rough, and sand without digging.

All of this, plus a bit of shank-proofing in the hosel transition, should make it easier for guys who struggle with their short games to get up and down more often.

Callaway Sure Out Wedge-4

Stock Shafts that Make Sense

Consider that as many stock iron shafts have gotten lighter, wedge shafts have remained on the heavy side. With the Sure Out wedge, Callaway has made a reasonable effort to align the wedge shaft with the type of iron shaft that’s likely in the bags of the intended audience.

Instead of your typical way-above-100-gram offering, the stock shafts in the Sure Out wedge are a 90 gram KBS (steel) or a 65 gram UST (graphite). It’s the kind of makes perfect sense design decision that should further enhance the playability for slower speed golfers including seniors and women.

Specs, Pricing, and Availability

Available in two lofts (58° and 64°) it’s plenty reasonable to say that the Sure Out wedge isn’t for everyone – and I suspect Callaway isn’t banking on it setting the market on fire. For those who struggle with their short games, particularly with higher lofted wedges, however; the Sure Out make a lot of sense…despite its distinctive aesthetic.

The Callaway Sure Out wedge will retail for $119.99. Availability beings 3/10 through CallawayGolf.com.