Does drinking actually make you a better golfer?

Today, in the name of golf (and science?) MyGolfSpy set out to test one of the oldest myths in the game.

Welcome to “GolfBusters” a place where golf, fun and folklore all meet on the first tee. How much does alcohol really affect people when they play golf? Do they get better or do they get worse?

Let’s find out.



It does look like the more alcohol you consume the worse your game gets.  However, there does seem to be a sweet spot after about 1-2 drinks (generally between 0.04-0.06 BAC).  After this we found that not only does your score get worse but distance too. We will have to do a bigger study to determine exactly how much alcohol hurts your game, but there does seem to be a correlation between how much alcohol you drink and your golfing ability.


Which is more important beer or golf?  Oh hell, just go have fun.