As you know, we collect mountains of data during each and every one of our club tests. When it comes to winners, and I suppose losers too, that data is the judge, jury, and on occasion, executioner. Data is what drives our process. Data is the thing that separates us. Data is part of what makes us who we are.

We are datacratic.

We don’t convene panels to decide what technology is actually innovative.

The data tells us what’s real and what isn’t.
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We don’t have retail experts to tell us what consumers will be buying.

We already have a pretty good idea what’s going to sell.

We look past all of the marketing, and the buzzwords. We’re not influenced by cartoons, or puppets, or anything else the manufacturers come up with to try and sell you their latest club…the one that’s sooooo much better than the one they released 6 months ago.


We don’t reward noise. We reward performance.

We have our data, and because we think the process should be transparent, you have our data too.

Here it is.


We give you several key metrics for each of our testers and all 23 clubs in our test. Distance, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates…here it is for you and anyone else to see. Sort it, filter it. Dig deep…or don’t. It’s totally up to you.


This is Barely the Beginning

Our approach is not without its critics. Some of what we’ve heard is fair and reasoned, and we appreciate that. Some of it is little more than the misinformed and misguided ramblings of overzealous fanboys. And we appreciate that too (who doesn’t love a good laugh?).

All of it (the good, the bad, and the we’re-loosing-faith-in-humanity ugly) drives to take what we’ve done and make it better. It doesn’t matter if you love our process, or hate it, I promise you this is barely the beginning of what we have planned.

Wait until you see what we have in store for 2015.

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