dream golf job

Do You Have The Job You Always Dreamed Of?

Why not…no really think for a second…why don’t you? What stops you from going out and doing what you are most passionate about? On any given day there are thousands of golfers out there living their dream and working in the golf industry…and you can to!

Get That Golf Job You Always Wanted

Our Two-Week Series “How To Get Your Dream Golf Job” will cover everything needed for getting one of these 10 Great Golf Jobs. We will have “10 Golf Jobs Covered in 10 Days!” We will have some of the best minds in the business giving you an inside look at how they got started and succeeded at their dream golf job. So…what golf job do you want?

(Guest Writers Include: Tom Wishon – Wishon Golf, Tom Slighter – Slighter Putters, Jason Highland – Diamondtour.com and many more)

Today’s article is part of a Two-Part series on “How To Get Your Dream Golf Job”:



You might have wanted one of these jobs for the last 2 years…hell you might have dreamed about a career in golf for the last 20 years and just never pursued it because you simply didn’t know where to start. Well, this will be a great place for you to start. Because we went out and asked the leaders in each field, how they not only got started but how they succeeded in their field.

So for each day for the next 2 weeks we are going to bring you a new job and maybe a new start to a new career for you. So keep checking in to see if you find your dream golf job.