At Costco, you buy in bulk. This includes golf wedges. 

This bundle c0mes as a set with 52-, 56- and 60-degree wedges. The Kirkland Signature wedge was included in our 2021 wedge test and some results were surprising. Take a look at what our data revealed.

Kirkland Signature Wedge Product Details

The Kirkland Signature wedge is a blade-style wedge with a clean, classic look and a milled face. The wedge features a wedge-flex shaft by True Temper with no options. 

Kirkland wedges offer no options for bounce or grind. This value-priced wedge set is designed to fill the bag in one quick purchase. Kirkland wedges are typically available only through Costco. 


  • Clean-looking blade-style wedge
  • Fair pricing 
  • No issues with loft gapping 
  • Milled-face technology 


  • No options for shaft, loft or grind 
  • Lacks spin technology seen in other wedges 

How We Test 

The Kirkland Signature was part of our 2021 wedge test which included 35 golfers using the Foresight GC Quad launch monitors. All golfers used Titleist Pro V1 balls to help minimize variables. When our final details were calculated, outliers were removed. In addition, we made sure to test the Kirkland Signature for players at different swing speeds and with moisture on the face as a variable. 

Kirkland Signature Wedge Review

We tested the three main categories for wedge performance: spin, accuracy and consistency. Kirkland Signature wedges struggled most in their spin score and did best in consistency. 


The spin score for the Kirkland Signature wedge was 75.80 out of 100. However, for the 2021 wedge test, the highest spin score was 93.8 for the Titleist Vokey SM8. 

The spin from the Kirkland Signature wedges is average. There are no special features when it comes to groove-in-groove technology or anything that will help increase spin rates. In addition, when the Kirkland clubface gets wet, it struggles to maintain its spin rates. 


The Kirkland Signature wedge had an accuracy score of 80.10 out of 100. Golfers did not seem to have much trouble hitting the wedge straight. There was some trouble with controlling the distance. 

When evaluating wedges, distance control is one of the most important features and Kirkland struggled to keep up with the rest. 


Consistency is where Kirkland stood out from some of the other wedges we tested and is probably the strong point if you are considering purchasing this wedge. The consistency score was 84.90 out of 100. 

If you hit errant shots with your wedges or spin can be unpredictable, the Kirkland Signature may have some technology you need. Consistency is good as it helps players know what to expect. However, the issue is whether that consistent performance is the performance you need. 

Consistently lower spin rates are a bit of a problem. Consistently higher distances were viewed as favorable by our testers. 

Overall Performance 

The overall rating of the Kirkland Signature was 80/100. For comparison, the TaylorMade MG3 was the highest rated with a score of 90.3 and some of the lower-performing wedges had average scores in the 74-76 range. 

Overall, the Kirkland Signature does exactly what we would expect. It fills three wedge spots in the bag for a fair price. But what it won’t do is give most golfers any game-changing performance when it comes to spin and distance control. 

Tester Feedback

The tester feedback was mixed with the Kirkland Signature wedges. Some golfers were surprised by how great this wedge looked and felt and others immediately noticed the issues with distance control that we saw based on the data. Some of the most important tester feedback:

  • Not having shaft, loft, grind or bounce options makes this a difficult fit for a wide range of players. If you fit the mold that Kirkland built this wedge for, you may benefit.
  • The wedges have very poor performance when the clubface is wet. The Kirkland Signature lost more than 40 percent of its spin on a 50-yard shot when the face was wet. 
  • Distance from the Kirkland Signature is strong. For some testers, distances with this wedge were stronger than any other: good to keep in mind, however not necessarily a fitting factor you need for wedges.
  • When hit off the center of the face, the feel is good. Outside of the center, the wedge is unforgiving. 
  • Responsiveness around the green was not as impressive as other premium golf wedges in the MyGolfSpy 2021 wedge test. 
  • From a first-impression standpoint, Kirkland Signature wedges surprised many testers. 

MyGolfSpy Feedback 

Bottom Line 

The Kirkland Signature wedges will make you feel you got a great deal. The wedges have solid distance and consistency but they lack spin and accuracy. All in all, we must remember Costco’s mission statement is to provide quality goods and services at the lowest price possible. If that’s what you are looking for, the Kirkland Signature will likely be a good fit. 


Are Kirkland wedges legal?

Kirkland Signature golf wedges are legal. The wedges are USGA-conforming and acceptable to use in any tournament situation. 

What are Kirkland wedges similar to?

The Sub 70 JB and Wilson Staff Model wedges are similar to the Kirkland Signature. Any blade-style value wedge with few shaft, loft or grind options will be the best overall match to the Kirkland. 

Are Kirkland Signature wedges forged?

Kirkland Signature wedges are not forged. However, this is likely what led to some of the tester feedback saying the feel was inconsistent or even a bit harsh. Forged wedges bring another additional cost to production.


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