Best vs Worst Rangefinder

Best vs Worst Rangefinder

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Best vs Worst Rangefinder

If you followed our 2022 Best Rangefinder test, it was likely no surprise that the Bushnell Pro XE took the top spot. It’s kind of what we expect from Bushnell these days. But how did it compare to the lowest-performing rangefinder in the test?

We will show you.


The Bushnell Pro XE is the best rangefinder. Period. It earned a total overall score of 94.5/100, the top spot in accuracy and second place in speed and optics. It’s tournament legal, takes weather into account when it calculates slope and has a reading that you can trust.

The last-place finisher for golf rangefinders in 2022 was the Zoom Focus X with an overall score of 78.5/100. Its rating for things like features, accuracy and speed were some of the lowest across the entire test. Of course, there is a price difference between the Bushnell Pro XE and the Zoom Focus X that is worth mentioning. However, when it comes to functionality and a yardage you can trust, the extra money is often worth it.

How We Test

The best versus worst rangefinder test consisted of 24 products all tested by the same golfer. Keeping the same golfer in charge of all the testing allowed for an accurate comparison and the ability to do more head-to-head testing. A total of 24 hours were spent testing. Core testing factors included accuracy, speed, optics, display and features. Usability was also considered as well as the ability of the rangefinder to work in any conditions.


  • The Bushnell Pro XE took top spot for accuracy. It is typically within half a yard of the pin even when there are trees or bushes behind the pin that could confuse other rangefinders. The Zoom Focus X took the 23rd spot for accuracy.
  • When it comes to speed, most rangefinders are relatively quick. However, there was a considerable difference between the Pro XE and the Zoom Focus X when speed was tested, especially with the slope mode turned on. Zoom Focus X earned 23rd for speed.
  • The optics brought another second-place finish for the Bushnell Pro XE and an 18th for the Zoom Focus X. This was one of the best stats for the Zoom Focus—maybe the name for the product is fitting!
  • A sixth-place rating for display was the Bushnell Pro XE’s worst finish. Some other products have cleaner text or more customization. Display was the Zoom Focus’s best overall category, finishing in 16th place.
  • The Bushnell Pro XE took third for features while the Zoom Focus finished 21st. It’s hard to even compare the Bushnell Pro XE against the Zoom Focus X considering the “slope with elements” technology found in the Pro XE.

Behind the Scenes of Best Versus Worst Rangefinder

Whether you think the Bushnell Pro XE or the Zoom Focus X could be a good fit for your game, it helps to know and understand some of these stats before you make your purchase. Here are the basics for what we determined were the best and worst rangefinders.

Bushnell Pro XE

  • Perhaps the most impressive technology on the Bushnell Pro XE is the “slope with elements.”  The way this rangefinder can take in all factors that will impact your total yardage is incredibly impressive.
  • Pinseeker with visual JOLT technology produces some of the most accurate readings.
  • Slope can easily be turned on and off for tournament days and the 7X magnification makes it easy to see what you are faced with.
  • The total range for the Bushnell Pro XE is 1,300 yards. This is a powerful piece of equipment.
  • A strong magnetic cart mount technology is built in and it is strong. It will stay in place with no issues.
  • The Bushnell Pro XE is one of the most expensive golf rangefinders but it has the technology to back up its price.

Zoom Focus X

  • Zoom Focus X is an affordable rangefinder with slope. It allows golfers to turn the slope off when participating in a tournament.
  • One of the features of the Zoom Focus X that received a high rating was the optics. This is due in part to the optical adjustment of up to +/- 5D. Those with poor eyesight or stability challenges will have no trouble with this unit.
  • The micro USB charging allows for easy charging capability and a very long lasting unit.
  • The real issues with the Zoom Focus X have to do with accuracy. It has a hard time picking up the target. When there is nothing surrounding the pin, expect a more accurate and quick yardage but that is not always the case.

Bottom Line

Rangefinders have quite a bit of internal technology as well as external features. Carefully considering the differences between units is highly recommended. The high ratings for Bushnell Pro XE came as no surprise but what took us aback was the very significant performance difference between it and the Zoom Focus X.

Take a look at the rest of our Best Rangefinders of 2022 test to see if there are other options that could work for your game.




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