It’s that time of year again. Hopefully your home is already starting to smell of mom or grandma’s famous turkey and stuffing…and hopefully dad hasn’t gotten in too much trouble for drive-by turkey tastings before the table is set. If you’re frying your bird, Godspeed. Whatever your family’s tradition, we know that every Thanksgiving table has its staple trimmings.

At MyGolfSpy our table looks a little different. Enjoy an inside look at who’s invited to our feast and who’s being served as dessert.

The Main Attraction

Turkey – The center of attention. And deservedly so. It’s the staple product and consumers are attracted to both its light (remember R11?) and dark (mostly everything else) meat…or drivers. You can’t have Thanksgiving…or a metalwood revolution without it – TaylorMade

The Primary Starch

Mashed potatoes – At first glance, they might not look like much. But, you should never judge a book, potato or golf club by its cover. The monochromatic simplistic exterior obfuscates the dense, buttery, fluffiness of the interior that holds the entire meal together. Substance first, style a close second – PING


Sheep’s Clothing

Candied Yams – It’s fake candy. A scam. A charlatan of Thanksgiving food. It’s sweet-ish yet you always think they should taste better. No matter how optimistic you are before the first bite, you end entirely disappointed – Two-piece matte golf balls

Slight of Hand

Green-bean casserole – As much as the name might lead you to believe it, this dish isn’t really about legumes. The beans are merely a vessel for crunchy fried onion strings and cream of mushroom soup. These qualities are undeniably exceptional and a good bit of why many believe that this dish is tragically underrated and often unappreciated. Side note: If your cousin, Bryson, has a special fork and can’t seem to get the casserole to sit on it just right and keep missing your mouth, it’s not because the utensil is poorly engineered. Just sayin – Cobra

Apologies to the band from Limerick

(real) Cranberry Sauce – It’s distinct in flavor and color. Others have tried but failed to match the tart, sweet, semi-gelatinous combination that defines the dish and befuddles the wannabees. Nothing tastes like a – Mizuno

(canned) Cranberry Sauce – It really tries to look the part, and there are plenty of similarities. The less-defined palate likely can’t tell the difference. Yet, the designs feel a bit, well, um…manufactured. The taste is (pretty much) there and it can certainly get the job done, but don’t expect your friends to ask for the recipe – New Level


Tastes like “Meh”

Seriously, WTF is stuffing? Or dressing? It can’t decide on a name. It’s here, then it’s gone. Then it’s resurrected and changes names. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure of its role in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it feels antiquated but somehow sticks around….year after year. I’m sure if it disappeared some people would miss it, but they’re probably all 80 years old anyway – Ben Hogan

By the Gallon

Gravy – It makes EVERYTHING better. Turkey, too dry? Add some gravy. Dressing have too much celery and squishy bread? More gravy. Mashed potatoes? You know the drill. You’d think that given the overwhelming benefit, everyone would have a recipe dialed in. But, that’s not the case. Some are too thin, while others are too thick. Extra chunks in the core of your product, isn’t typically a good thing. But we see it far too often when people outsource vital steps in the gravy-manufacturing process. Anyone can make gravy correctly once…but can you do it year after year? Meal after meal? – Multi-layer, premium golf balls

A House Divided

Pumpkin Pie – It’s divisive. Some love it, while others loathe it. And there’s plenty of reason to support each position. It’s a quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. But, its history is far more complicated, and some might even be so bold as to assert that the dessert is more contrived than emblematic of the 1621 harvest festival we celebrate today. But, even with plenty of question marks, it remains Zach Morris popular and an integral part of the entire operation – Callaway


Marshmallows and Syrup

Sweet Potatoes – You can enjoy them as a casserole. Or baked. Sliced and fried. Perhaps as a soup or pie. The iterations serve as examples of its versatility. Some versions are more modern (add the marshmallows, please!) while others pay homage to simpler times (just a bit of brown sugar). They’re not for everyone. Nor are they trying to be. Do with that what you will – Titleist/Footjoy

More Carbs… but with Cheese

Mac ‘n Cheese – It’s robust. But globally speaking, not all that unique. It’s solid, yet unspectacular. It can be relatively generic (Kraft) or dope-as-hell custom and curated with premium materials (add the parmesan, gruyere and fontina with fried breadcrumbs). The latter of which deserves far more attention than it receives. If Endo means something to you, you’ll get that – Cleveland/Srixon

Uncomfortable Entertainment

Drunk Uncle – After about two-minutes, several people would prefer he wasn’t there. Others just sit back and enjoy the show. No fewer than two cousins have a bet going on how long until he passes out in the recliner. But somehow, someway, he just keeps going. And frankly, it’s wildly impressive in a you can’t stop watching sort of way. Loud, boisterous and speaks his mind regardless of who is (or isn’t) listening. Might even have shouted “KABOOM BABY” when your niece announced she was pregnant – PXG