The table below includes data collected during the MyGolfSpy 2022 Most Wanted Driver test. We’ve included the most commonly referenced metrics collected by our Foresight GC Quad Launch monitors. We’ve also included our Peak Distance calculation as well as the metrics that serve as the basis for our Accuracy and Forgiveness scores.

The Launch Monitor data (and Peak Distance value) is shown in the initial view. To toggle between the launch monitor data and the Accuracy and Forgiveness table, use the “Select Table” dropdown.

To help you narrow focus on the clubs that performed best for the swings most similar to your own, we’ve provided filters that allow you to narrow the results by Swing Speed and Attack Angle. We’ve also included a Handicap filter for those who want to narrow further.

Finally, to better accommodate our mobile users, we’ve limited the initial display of this chart to the Top-10 clubs (based on ball speed). By clicking on the sort icon next to each category name you can sort the column in either ascending (Top-10) or Descending (Bottom-10) for that category and it will club column will repopulate accordingly.

The Show Top X slider can be dragged (or you can just type in a number) to show more or fewer clubs in the table. To show all 38 drivers in a single view, drag the slider all the way to the right.