Heading into 2019, all indications were that it was going to be the “year of the driver” but in retrospect, it might well be better remembered as the year of #finditcutit. The golf ball has, to no small degree, dominated equipment conversations in an unprecedented fashion.

What we’re collectively learning about the golf ball is enlightening, bothersome, intriguing and downright mystifying.

But all of that aside, we wanted to give MyGolfSpy readers an opportunity to have a little fun with and help us select a custom logo. The most popular choice will be made available on ANY GOLF BALL for NO upcharge and with FREE shipping on Golfballs.com, which prints and ships roughly 100,000 balls per week.

We will also randomly select an individual winner to receive 6-dozen balls with any of the four logos.

So which one will it be? Answer in the comment section.