34 Coolest Golf Club Designs for 2008

34 Coolest Golf Club Designs for 2008

34 Coolest Golf Club Designs for 2008

There are so many great designs out there for 2008 and you might not have seen any of them. So I decided to go through the thousands of designs and pick out the 34 Best Designs for the year. Feel free to leave a comment on which design is your favorite.

1. Mizuno JPX E500 Driver Custom
Mizuno JPX

Might look strange but hits awesome! This Japanese Mizuno model is a MyGolfSpy fav!

2. Taylormade Japan 2008 XR Driver

Taylormade XR driver

This one pushes the limits of maximum USGA conforming COR in one of the lightest drivers ever, the new XR is made to be forgiving, straight and long. An ultra thin face and crown with weight pushed back to both corners creates a low spin head with minimal distance and directional loss on mis-hits.

3. Tourstage 2008 X-Drive Black 445cc Drive

tourstage x drive

Based on feedback from Bridgestones top Japanese touring pros, a smaller head with high trajectory and low spin for maximum carry was designed. The black finish originally reserved for Tourstage prototypes was used along with a pearl red spider like weave black ion crown.

4. MacTec Japan 2008 NV-NXR Driver

mactec driver

In the US this driver has not performed as well as in Japan, but I still feel that this driver had a lot of technological breakthroughs in its design. So it deserves to be in this list in my mind.

5. ONOFF 2008 Driver

ONOFF has hit the market pretty hard in Japan. This driver of theirs does not have a typical face insert, mis hits on this face will go just as far. The standard ONOFF driver is made for the average golfer wanting to hit the ball straighter or produce a small draw. The faces on all the ONOFF drivers are 1* closed and feature ONOFF’s proprietary Swing Assist shafts which produce optimal elastic effect and vibration dampening. This helps generate power and stability.

6. Epon 2008 EMB High MOI Driver

epon driver

Their was a long wait for this new design by Epon, this is the Epon Monster Beetle or EMB. Epon has spent the entire season developing a new high MOI driver that would push the envelope for distance and forgiveness.

7. Tourstage ViQ MX Driver 460

tourstage viq driver

Future pics of the inside of this head will prove that they spent some major R&D on this one. Keep on the look out for the pictures.

8. Royal Collection FD Driver

royal collection driver

Royal Collection has put out some great designs of late, and I really like their fairway woods.

9. Maruman Exim Nano Driver

maruman exim driver

The technology behind this new club is in its nanotechnology material “fullerene titanium”. If you have not heard of that term yet, I will write about it soon.

10. Works Golf Ultimizer V3 Driver

works golf ultimizer driver

Works Golf has long been the brand of choice for Japan’s long drive team. They’ve taken that fame and technology and used it to set many Japanese long drive records.

11. PRGR T3 501 Silver Tour Driver

PRGR T3 501 Silver Tour Driver

This driver performs great and has a great trajectory. PRGR also makes some great hybrids as well. This particular driver is made for the better player looking for control and playability in addition to distance. Well…who wouldn’t that be?

12. XXIO 2008 Driver

XXIO 2008 Driver

This conforming all Titanium driver uses a face with special Super-TIX 51AF Titanium that was specially developed for XXIO. I could get into the details of the inside of this head and how it makes your drives go longer and straighter….but that would keep you from looking at #13.

13. Honma Beres MG711 Driver

Honma Beres MG711 Driver

Honma has been making some awesome stuff for quite sometime now and they did not disappoint with the MG711.

14. Callaway Japan 2008 Legacy Driver

Callaway Japan Legacy Driver

Callaway has focused on three key elements, ball speed, launch angle and back spin, to help create the longest driver ever in Callaway’s lineup. Callaway utilises a special Milled Chemical Technology to create a thinner and flatter crown joined together with a no hosel style neck design.

15. Taylormade Japan R7 TP Irons

Taylormade Japan R7 TP Forged Irons

The head shape was designed based on feedback from Japan tour professionals, looking for a thin sole and muscle back like control. Makes you wish they released this one in the US, a beautiful head.

16. Fourteen TC-550 Forged Irons

Fourteen TC-550 Forged Irons

Fourteen is always one of the leaders on the Japanese Tour. They produce some of the best heads and forgings you will ever see.

17. Tourstage 2008 ViQ Irons

Tourstage 2008 ViQ Irons

A Titanium face provides feel and high ball speeds. The slightly larger head provides confidence and forgiveness. The SUS630 head features two 15g tungsten weights embedded in the sole.

18. MacTec NV-NXR Japan Irons

MacTec Japan 2008 NV-NXR Irons

The NV-NXR features the Ultimate Titanium Cup Face, with varying thickness across the face, and it’s thickest point right at the center, the NV-NXR is able to acheive near max COR everywhere on the face.

19. Taylormade Japan 2008 XR Irons

Taylormade Japan 2008 XR Irons

The XR lineup has long been a best seller in Japan among mid to higher handicappers based on forgiveness and ease of use. The new XR lineup features Taylormade’s highest COR ever in an iron, achieve by an ultrathin 2mm maraging face.

20. Epon AF-501 Irons

Epon AF-501 Irons

The Epon Golf AF-501 iron is geared towards mid and low handicap golfers. A smaller sized head precision forged from soft S20C steel with a super spring steel face and HRB80 body temper, the longer irons #3-6 feature an undercut and the super spring face for added forgiveness and distance. The under cut disappears on the shorter irons with a soft steel face for added feel and accuracy. Finished in a soft NiCr plating for feel and durability.

21. Ping Japan 2008 S57 Irons

Ping Japan 2008 S57 Irons

This iron is originally developed for the Japanese market based on the success of their popular tour wedge. A sharper blade profile featuring tungsten weight in the side increase MOI to reduce loss of distance and direction on mis-hits. The S57 is able to meet the needs of the demanding pro yet still easy enough to hit for the improving player.

22. Honma Beres MG801 Irons

Honma Beres MG801 Irons

The Beres MG801 is a wider cavity back iron specifically desinged for game improvement and those players aspiring to get better. The cast body is form forged with a super soft cast steel face. All Honma irons are made in Sakata Japan.

23. Taylormade Japan R7 XR

Taylormade Japan R7 XR

A midsize cavity back made for all levels of players. The R7 XR Forged features mid to high launch with a medium topline and sole and moderate offset. The R7 XR Forged uses a deep undercut cavity, the Oval shaped ICT (Inverted Cone Technology. The longer irons, up to #7 feature a 410ss face for extra distance and trajectory while the shorter irons, 8-PW feature S25C Carbon steel for feel and playability.

24. Honma Beres MG601

Honma Beres MG601

25. PRGR is3 501 Irons

PRGR is3 501 Irons

PRGR’s new is3 501 irons are made for the average to low handicap golfer looking for a large sweet spot and high MOI. A low center of gravity and a “hollow” cavity promote easy ball striking and high penetrating ball flight. These are forged by Endo.

26. Royal Collection CV Blade

Royal Collection CV Blade

The new Royal Collection CV Blade is a soft forged iron made for feel and playbility and distance, in other words it is an all around performer. Weight is pushed down to the sole dropping the center of gravity making it easy to get the ball up in the air. The center of gravity is gradually raised in the short irons to improve control and accuracy. The CV Blade has been applauded for it’s soft feel and optimal control as well as clean design.

27. Royal Collection 2008 DB/WS Wedge

Royal Collection 2008 DB/WS Wedge

The DB/WS focus on maximum spin and performance with a versatile and forgiving sole grind made to easily open up and increase bounce if needed. The face is precision milled smooth, with sharp grooves to increase friction on impact in order to increase spin. A traditional shape and classic design. This wedge is made to perform!

28. Epon 208KGX Wedge

Epon 208KGX Wedge

The Epon wedge is a high precision wedge forged from soft S20C steel. This all new design features close to right angle grooves that are engraved not pressed/stamped for super back spin, and a dual box cavity to help promote a higer CG for accurate and stable approach shots. The dual box cavity removes weight from the heel and toe of the 208KGX placing the CG in a higher optimal location for lower trajectory + more bounce = control and workability coupled with pure soft feel and crazy spin!

29. Yamaha Inpres X Forged Black Wedge

Yamaha Inpres X Forged Black Wedge

This kick ass wedge is forged from SUPER soft S10C steel by Endo (of course) and featuring near square 0.45mm deep grooves and a high center of gravity for major backspin and feel. A three box design in the back allow Yamaha to raise the CG for more mid trajectory and controlled approach shots. Yamaha claims that a 56* Inpres X SW can produce 10,100+ rpm in back spin from more than 50 yards out.

30. Fourteen MT-28 V3 Wedge

Fourteen MT-28 V3 Wedge

The new MT-28 V3 features a double milling process, for a mirror like surface for precision control and feel. This one is built for the guys that go low!

31.Royal Collection 6150TG Forged Wedge

Royal Collection 6150TG Forged Wedge

A versatile wedge, easy to open or close, the 6150TG is good on any lie. A special QPQ Black finish with corrosion resistance and scratch resistance even above chrome plating is used. This finish does not impair the soft feel at all. Precision raised milling on the face raises spin and allows you to land on the green from any lie.

32. Taylormade Japan 2008 XR Forged Wedge

Taylormade Japan 2008 XR Forged Wedge

Features tour proven Y grooves for maximum spin, the XR wedge soft forging and eye pleasing shape at address are the first ever XR Forged wedge. 100% CNC Milled face and Y grooves allow even amateurs to create tour like spin.

33. Gold’s Factory Stage 5 Wedge

Gold's Factory Stage 5 Wedge

Gold’s Factory clubs are are the pinnacle of quality and high end clubs in Japan. Gold’s Factory founder, master grinder and clubmaker M. Sasaya, hand makes and grinds all of his wedges from the finest forged steel from Himeji. Sasaya-san is famous for lending a hand in tuning some of the finest JDM clubs around including Moz Ishihara and Gauge Design Japan. THIS ONE WILL SET YOU BACK ABOUT $600

34. PRGR MTI Wedge


It’s a wedge originally created by Cool Design Inc, a company created by Miyagi Yuuji. The MTI wedge has a very large tour following and in the last year consistently was in the top 3 wedges used on the Japanese tour along with Vokey and Fourteen.

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      This is some very cool info that most people would never see otherwise. Love the new format, keep it up.



      16 years ago

      This is good and informative stuff. I have been a fan of JDM clubs and have been trying to slowly upgrade my set to the “jap” standard and veer away from the mass market clubs. It is of no surprise that the two top male players, Tiger and Phil, use totally different club deisgns and brands but it made in the same foundry in Japan.
      Try to investigate the veracity of this info. It’s pretty cool.


      Titleist Guy

      16 years ago

      Dude where in the world are you getting these from????!!! AWESOME! Are you guys going to continue to do stuff like this article on here?


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