For more info on the greens shown in our 3-Part Series go check out AllProGreens be sure to check out their gallery of finished greens. It may give you an idea for how you would like your green to turn out.

Most Kick-Ass Backyard In Town!

Today is the last day of the Series “How To Build A Putting Green in 2 Days!” And yes this tutorial did take longer then it will take to build your But, after you finish going through today's videos you will have the most kick-ass yard in the neighborhood...hell maybe even in your whole town. We hope you have found this useful and be sure to let us know of any other DIY projects you would like us to cover.

How To Tell The Wife?

After looking at some of the comments from Part 1 (CJ Bush) we realized you guys might also like to share how you convinced your wife to let you do this. It looks like a few readers really want to know how to squeek this big slab of astroturf past the better half. So share what you think would be your favorite way to tell the wife that your whole backyard is now going to be dedicated strictly to your golf game 😉

Step 13 - Shaping Your Green

The green is delivered in a rectangular shape. You may desire to shape the green to give it a natural look. Refer to your brochure for shapes.

If you are not adding a fringe turf to your putting green, cut the shape of your putting green using your outside border as a guide. If you desire a fringe around your putting green, use a yard stick to assist you with measurements.

On one installation we used a two foot collar of fringe turf around the putting green.

REMEMBER: The fringe turf is functional-- you can chip off of it.

Step 14 - Adding The Fringe

To maximize your fringe and minimize waste-Run the fringe turf the length of the putting green on each side first, then the two widths.

HINT: The grain of the fringe turf must run the same direction all around the green.

  • Roll out the fringe turf over one side the length of the shaped putting green.
  • Overlap the entire roll of fringe turf just enough to cover the shape of your putting green on one side the length of your putting green.
  • Feeling the shaped putting green under the fringe, nail down the fringe into the sub base using 4 inch galvanized nails with small heads 2 inches out into the fringe from where the seam of the putting green turf and fringe turf will meet.
  • Place the nails every six inches the entire length of your fringe turf.

HINT: Nailing between the rows of stitching will hide the nails

  • Next, come out 1 foot into the fringe turf.
  • Nail down the fringe turf 1 inch out into the fringe every six inches the entire length of the fringe. Nailing the fringe at both the seam and a foot out from the seam will anchor and secure the fringe turf in place and make for a very tight fit.
  • Continue to do this for the entire perimeter of fringe turf.
  • Cut along the outside perimeter where the fringe meets your border.

HINT: Replace the blade on your utility knife every 8 to 10 feet of turf you cut to avoid dulling a blade and producing a ragged cut. Try to avoid “ripping” the turf.

Step 15 - Infilling Your Green

HINT: The putting green AND infill MUST stay dry during this filling process.

If the infill or putting green get, wet the infill clumps together, not allowing the infill to get between the fibers of the putting green and be properly filled.

  • Fill the drop spreader 1/2 full with the infill.
  • Spread it across the top of the green.

HINT: The weight of the infill will flatten any small bubbles you may have on your green. Do not apply too much infill at any one time without first brushing the infill into the fibers.

For example, a good basic guideline is to use 50 pounds of infill over an entire 12 X 30 green between brushings.

Too much infill and not enough brushing will result in buried fibers and will affect the performance and true ball roll of your putting green.

REMEMBER: Always brush against the grain during the infilling procedure

  • You must aggressively brush between all infill spreading.
  • Once the green is half full, brush the putting green using consistent force.
  • This infill procedure must be repeated until you have filled the green completely full, past the tips of the fibers.

HINT: You are walking on the infill.

  • This overfilling applies for all 3 turf lengths.
  • Over-filling of the green ensures a consistent level of infill across the entire putting green surface.

Step 16 - Infilling The Fringe

By infilling the fringe turf the fibers will stick straight up or vertical. You only need to fill the fringe turf half full to achieve this. Use your broom to consistently brush against the grain of the fringe. This gets the fibers to stand up.

Step 17 - Sweep Excess Infill Off Green

  • Brush the excess off the width or cross-grain of the putting green. This levels out the amount of infill across the entire putting green surface.
  • Sweep the green a second time to remove any excess infill. Your goal is to have 1/32 inch of the putting green fiber exposed.

HINT: If the green appears blotchy in color note that the first rain will wash the infill dust off the fibers and settle the infill into the green.

Step 18 - Finally...Cut The Holes!

  • Locate the cup holes by pressing the turf with your hands until you feel the holes.

Using a utility knife (with a brand new blade) cut the holes out of the turf.

  • First, cut an X inside the hole.
  • Cut tightly around the inside edge of the cup marked by the X.

It is very important to take your time with cutting around the inner edge of the cups.

  • After the holes are cut, trim the loose fibers around the cup with hand scissors.

FINAL STEP - Roll The Green...Then Go Putt On Your New Green!

Rolling of the green will determine the speed of you putting surface.

  • Using a water filled roller, roll the green the length & width of the entire surface.
  • It will take several times both the length and the width of the putting green to achieve the speed you desire. Once you have done this you will not have to do it again in the future.

For more info on the greens shown in our 3-Part Series go check out AllProGreens be sure to check out their gallery of finished greens. It may give you an idea for how you would like your green to turn out.



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