New From PING: The PING Putting Lab Design 3

Fresh out of the putter labs at PING HQ comes the latest release in their PLD line, the PLD3 mallet. Savvy putter watchers will remember this putter from a few months back when PING staffer Corey Conners had it in his bag at the Valspar Open.

Well, as of today you can put the PLD3 in your bag as well.

The PLD3 represents the third release in the PING Putting Lab Design line. Just to refresh, the PLD1 was the designed-online-by-you Anser, and the PLD2 was the Ketsch that featured the Realtree camouflage finish. Both of these putters pushed the design envelope beyond the normal versions of those putters, making for some truly unique limited edition offerings.

PING has kept that something extra design theme going with the PLD3, once again unveiling a pretty amazing finish.

Torched Copper Sole Plate


Every sole plate design on the PLD3 is a work of art, made here at PING, which speaks to the exclusivity and one-of-a-kind appeal of the PLD program. Using an open-flame torch, we put each sole plate through a multi-stage heating and cooling process that brings out the natural, living patina colors and unique patterns.

John K. Solheim, PING President.

As with the camouflaged PLD2, the story of the PLD3 is all about the finish. PING has taken a torch to the bottom of these putters and produced unique patterns of colors and patinas. PING is of course not the first to offer torched finishes, lots of small companies have been doing that for years, but I think that this is the first time that a large golf company has offered a torched finish in a large release (aka more than a one-off).

It’s not just boring torched steel either; it’s torched copper.


PLD3 Putter Specifications

  • Flame-Torched C14500 Copper Alloy Precision-Milled Sole Plate
  • 100% Precision-Milled at PING From T6 6061 Aluminum
  • 28″–38″ Available Shaft Length, 3° Loft (+-2°), 20° Lie (+-4°)
  • Fits Slight-Arc Stroke Type, Weighs 365g
  • Stepless Steel Stealth-Colored Shaft
  • PP58 Black Midsize Grip
  • Coordinating PLD3 Putter Cover
  • MSRP: $435.00


As far as the other information about the putter, it’s primarily made of precision-milled aluminum, the black finish is anodized and as such should wear quite well. It can be used in the kitchen to mash potatoes. Kidding, or am I?

Though I don’t have in hand photos yet to support my speculation, I bet that the black shaft and the black PP58 grip will also make this stick look pretty amazing.

I’ll share more information and hopefully some in-hand photos soon, but if you want one of these, head out to your local PING dealer, as they are available to order today.