Become a PING Putter Designer!

PING’s new PLD1 putter is all about customization. With the launch of the PING Putting Lab Design Program, PING is giving you the chance to design your own putter. Not the head shape mind you, but the alignment line or dot, paint fill, engravings, loft, lie, length, and grip. Good news for the lefties, handedness is another of the options, so you can customize one as well.

While PING may not be giving you CAD design access and allowing you to create your metal masterpiece’s head shape, they are giving you the ability to customize numerous aspects of the putter so that you can make one that is uniquely yours. And as a huge bonus, you can do it all from the comfort of your computer.


Here is the link to the PING Putting Lab Design Program.

I’ll just wait here while you go spend the next hour goofing around with the different design options…

Not full custom, but customizable


If you are looking to add a rolled top line and hand peened bumpers, then the options available in the PLD program may seem lacking to you. However, PING is not touting the PLD1 as a fully custom putter, but rather a customizable putter. You get the chance to gussy up the PLD1 with the colors and character that will make it uniquely yours.

Plus, even if the options are considered limited, they are way more expansive than what we see from other companies right now, or at least they are more readily accessible. PING’s online interface lets you design and buy the putter immediately. Other big OEM shops may have custom programs too, but not one that is easy as PING’s. The build to buy speed is pretty impressive.

The $600 price tag on the PLD1 will rub some of you the wrong way, but those who have looked into customization of a putter through the Cameron Custom Shop should recognize that PING is right in the ballpark for this type of putter and service. Maybe even a little less expensive than others.

It’s an expensive putter, for sure, but it’s not outrageously so for what you are getting. The odds are that PING will get your putter in your hands faster than the Cameron Custom Shop too.

But What About the Putter?


Sort of lost in the customization discussion is the fact that the PLD1 is a new putter head. You are not just customizing an Anser 2 here. There are some cool cosmetic features on the PLD1, like the Voss-like lines on the bumpers and the blockier-than-an-Anser shape.

If you are still hung up on the price, think about what a Cameron with a unique head shape and customizable options would run you.

I can’t relay any play thoughts about the PLD1 because I don’t have one in hand yet. Hopefully, that will change soon, and I’ll be able to pass along more info about the design process and the play of the PLD1 putter.

Here is the link one more time to the PING Putting Lab Design ProgramIt’s not my fault if your work productivity suffers for the next few hours as you contemplate all of your design options.