• The PING PLD Patent 55 Limited-Edition Anser is the third in a series of four.
  • This Anser is milled from 100 percent copper.
  • Only 55 produced. On sale at PING online Sept. 26 at 2 p.m. EST for $790.

Calling All Copper Collectors

On Monday, Sept. 26, PING is releasing the third in their series of Limited Edition PLD Patent 55 Anser putters. If you are a PING fan or a putter collector, this release is something you need to know about. Even if you are not a PING fan, this limited-edition putter should get your attention. Undoubtedly, PING’s 2023 putter line looks amazing but every one of those models pales when compared to this Anser.

Why, you ask? What makes this limited-edition putter pump my pulse more than other releases? Why will this putter once again sell out in minutes, even with a hefty price of $790?

One reason. It’s made of copper.


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PING’s 100% Copper Anser


Putter makers often get quite creative with their limited-edition putter themes. Sometimes the theme is physical, like Scotty Cameron’s recent Jet Set limited run that focuses on design ideas. Other times, the themes are inspired by other things, like Bettinardi’s Big League Chew and Miller Lite releases. Odyssey’s Small Batch putters tend to combine a little bit of both.

PING, on the other hand, has made the metal the story with their 2022 PLD Limited-Edition putters. This year, there will be four different PLD Anser Patent 55 putters. Each one will be made from a different metal. We started with aluminum-bronze back in March, the next was stainless steel, and the final one will be gold-plated stainless steel. Yes, gold-plated like the putters in the PING Vault. As I mentioned, this Anser will be 100 percent copper and I’m betting this simple fact makes it the one that is most sought after by collectors.

Copper, like a pipe?

Valid take. Why am I so geeked out about copper? Of all the putter materials, this one is the rarest. There was a time when copper putters were not so uncommon. For a time, PING had steel, bronze and copper versions of their putters at retail. Then the copper putters disappeared. Though I’ve never heard the official reason, I believe their extinction was cost motivated.

Copper became expensive. Nothing like it is now where thieves will take copper wire out of whatever they can and sell it as scrap, but still expensive. Significantly more expensive than steel. I have also heard folks speak of the increased environmental costs for working with copper. Obviously, lots of copper in the waterways is not conducive to a healthy ecosystem. A company like PING would like to avoid creating (and paying to fix) the next Cuyahoga River-like environmental disaster.

And so copper went away.

PING’s Copper Anser gives you the feels

By now you may be wondering why copper in a putter is so amazing. First, it develops an amazing patina as it ages. Think copper roof tops and the Statue of Liberty. No two copper putters look the same after the patina matures. From an aesthetic standpoint, nothing looks like it.

The other benefit of copper is its soft feel. Sure, bronze is mostly copper but that little bit of tin in the bronze alloy firms up the feel. Copper is much softer than stainless steel and softer than carbon steel as well. No, it’s not insert soft but you are not wrong in thinking it is heading in that direction. I wish there was a way for all of you to roll balls with the first two PLD Limited Edition putters, and then this PING copper Anser, so you could feel the difference.

Though more dependent upon the design, copper also has a unique tone at impact. It has a bit more ring than steel. One of my favorite feeling and sounding putters was a vintage copper Anser with a sound slot. I can’t quantify why but that tone was amazing. Goosebumps for me. And,  no, the person wouldn’t sell it to me …

Copper connoisseurs, be ready Monday

If you want to grab this very special copper version of PING’s PLD Anser Patent 55 Limited-Edition putter, be at your computer at 2 p.m. EST on Monday. These will go fast. Make a PING.com account before that. Get your payment information saved in the PING system and refresh like crazy starting at 1:59. No hesitations. Answer your “Should I?” questions ahead of time. There are only 55 of these available and I’ll be in there fighting you for one.

If you get one, congratulations. If you got this PING copper Anser to flip, I suppose I respect that as you can probably triple your $790 investment immediately. However, I hope you buy it to enjoy it. Roll some balls with it. Let it live in your bag and create its unique patina by collecting dew and minerals from the green. Nothing ages with more character than a copper putter. You can mount the gold-plated PLD Anser that you buy in December on your wall. Please put this copper one in your bag.

Take your shot and find out more at PINGPLD.com

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