• The PLD Anser Patent 55 is the second of four limited-run putters PING is releasing in 2022.
  • This putter features fully machined stainless-steel construction.
  • Only 55 are available at pingpld.com beginning June 13 at an MSRP of $790.

On June 13, PING released the second in their 2022 PLD limited-edition putter series. The PLD Anser Patent 55 putter features fully machined stainless-steel construction. Like its aluminum-bronze predecessor released last March, this Anser commemorates the creation of the Anser and PING’s continued innovation in golf equipment.

When it comes to golf equipment influence, the PING Man is no strawman. While the Anser is, without a doubt, Karsten Solheim’s crowning jewel design, it isn’t their only influential club design. PING designs have influenced just about every club golfers carry in their bags. I bet some of you are still playing, or wish you were still playing, Eye 2 irons. There is a reason Karsten Solheim is the only manufacturer in the World Golf Hall of Fame.


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What Does PLD Stand For Again?

PLD is short for Putting Lab Design. PLD is the central theme for all of PING’s putter releases this year. In addition to the four limited-run PLD Anser 55 putters, PING also released a retail line of PLD milled putters and began offering their previously Tour-player-only PLD Custom program to the public. As I said, it’s all PLD all the time this year at PING.

PLD is definitely a vibe. I’ve said it before but this year it feels like PING is reminding the golfing community, and maybe other golf companies, that they are the OG in the equipment business. They still got mills; what you think they sold them all?

The thing I appreciate about PING is that, while they celebrate their history, they don’t live in the past. This limited-run Anser Patent 55 has the markings of Karsten’s historical Anser but it is also a modern putter. To me, that is PING. PING putters embody their history while embracing new ideas and designs.

Why “55”?

The “55” in the name references the fact that Karsten Solheim patented the Anser design 55 years ago. It’s a story that sounds like it should be folklore but it’s totally true. Karsten drew up the designs for the Anser on a record sleeve. Karsten’s wife Louise came up with the “Answer” name, later suggesting they drop the “w” to ensure it would fit on the putter’s bumper.

One month after it hit the PGA TOUR  in 1966, the Anser had its first win. In 1969, the Anser won its first major at The Masters. Since then, the tally on the Anser scoreboard sits at more than 700 wins.

If you add to that total the wins from other companies’ Anser-inspired putters, you come up with an unparalleled victory number. So it is no wonder that it is the most emulated putter design in putter history.

Though typically quiet about such things, this year PING would like to remind you that the ubiquitous Anser is a PING design.

“A lot of time has passed since the invention of the Anser putter,” said John A. Solheim, the youngest son of Karsten and Louise. “We think it’s important to remind the golf industry and some of the younger golfers that the familiar putter design they see with other brands’ name on it was created by Karsten in his garage in the mid-1960s.”

Be Quick or Be Sad

“The first version sold out in less than three minutes, so we’re encouraging those interested to be ready promptly when we make them available on Monday.”

PING Executive Chairman John A. Solheim

Should you be inclined to grab one of these stainless-steel Anser Patent 55 putters, you best be at pingpld.com Monday at 2 p.m. EST June 13. At $790, it will set you back much more than your average off-the-rack putter. However, for a limited-run putter, $790 is reasonable, if not underpriced, relative to other companies’ releases with runs well above 55 units.

Should you miss out on this Anser, two more are coming this year. I’d also suggest that you check out the PLD Custom program. Admittedly, the putter you make through their custom program is not technically a limited-edition putter but maybe, as a one-of-one putter designed to your specifications and tastes, it’s even better.

Regardless, good luck to those of you jumping in the queue on Monday. May your clicks be quick and the bots be napping.

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