GPS or rangefinder? 

Isn’t this a question many of us agonize over? Which is better? More accurate? Faster? We have products that we love that are rangefinders and those that are GPS units.

However, Precision Pro tried to make things a bit easier on us with the release of the Precision Pro R1. This is a combination of GPS and laser with more features than we can keep track of. You know that feeling at Disney where you just can’t possibly see everything there is to offer in a day? That’s a bit of what it feels like when using the Precision Pro R1. 

We tested the Precision Pro R1 as part of our Best Golf Rangefinders 2022 study.

Precision Pro R1 Product Details

The Precision Pro R1 is a laser golf rangefinder with slope that also displays GPS distances. This essentially means that when you look through the scope of the R1, you are bombarded with data. For those that like data, this is a tremendous feature. 

In addition to the dual functionality, it will measure the wind and barometric pressure to give you real-time weather data. The slope technology is highly advanced but you must use the app to input your club data. Once your club data is in place, the accuracy is quite good. 

The MySlope technology is unique and will allow players plenty of advanced features.

 It also has magnetic mount technology and clear optics. 


  • Combined GPS and laser rangefinder
  • Advanced slope technology 
  • Equipped with “Find My Precision Pro”
  • MySlope combines ball data and environmental variables. 
  • Easy-to-use display
  • Magnetic mount


  • Battery life is short
  • Have to input your club data   

How We Test 

At MyGolfSpy, we find the best way to test a product like this is to have one person test all of the products and rank them for variables like accuracy, speed, optics, display, features and overall performance. The testing process took 24 hours and occurred under varying conditions and lighting. A total of 24 products were tested. 

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

The Precision Pro R1 rangefinder won top honors for having the best features. Not only are these features advanced but they come at a price that seems fair to the average golfer. Here is how the Precision Pro R1 rangefinder stacks up against the competition. 


The Precision Pro R1 ranked sixth out of 24 rangefinders for accuracy. The top rangefinders gave the same reading repeatedly. With Precision Pro R1, there was a little bit of variability, mostly when slope mode was enabled. Overall, it’s a sturdy and stabilized unit with data that is always within a few yards of the target. 


Overall speed from the Precision Pro R1 is fast. The rangefinder ranked second overall which surprised us. With all the information it’s pulling up, we expected slower data speeds. The only thing to remember is that this impressive data and high-speed design drain your battery quickly. If you are a golfer who needs to be dragged off the course every night, you may need a way to charge your R1 mid-round. 


Optics are clear, ranking fifth overall. We had no trouble finding a target and feeling like we were locked in. Again, having those GPS numbers displayed helps increase overall confidence with the numbers the Precision Pro R1 is putting out. 


Display rankings were eighth out of 24, the lowest category for Precision Pro R1. It’s not that the display is unclear or difficult to read. It’s just a lot of information. If you like cold hard facts coming in hot, the Precision Pro R1 display will be pleasing. If you get easily overwhelmed, maybe get a caddie?


Precision Pro R1 earned top honors for features. Combining the GPS and laser rangefinder technology is pretty special and they did it while keeping your budget in mind. The Garmin Approach Z82 did tie with the Precision Pro R1 but it’s only fair considering this is another GPS/rangefinder combo. 


The overall ranking of the Precision Pro R1 was third, following the Bushnell Pro XE and the Nikon COOLSHOT II Stabilized. For a relatively new product to make its way to the third spot was impressive. There are some downsides to this model, and it’s not the best for battery life, but the technology is good. 

Tester Feedback

As you can see from this Precision Pro R1 review, the product got mostly positive feedback but there are some things to be aware of before you invest. . . 

  • There is a bit of a learning curve when setting up this unit and making sure the display and connection with the app are all correct.

  • Inputting club data into the app is a bit of a downside but you should not have to update it often. 

  • Battery life can be a problem but it’s really only the case if you are going to play more than 27 holes. Precision Pro R1 just made some changes to the app to try and help increase battery longevity. 
  • The tech features of this model are really what helps it stand out from the competition. 

MyGolfSpy Feedback 

Bottom Line 

As you saw from our Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder review, this device is really good value. Known for making quality rangefinders at a fair price, Precision Pro did not hold back with this new model. No more sacrifices. This model has everything there is right now when it comes to rangefinder technology. If you don’t have the money for the Bushnell Pro XE or Garmin Approach Z82 but want a feature-rich, durable and fast rangefinder, the Precision Pro R1 is a smart choice. 


How long does the Precision Pro battery last?

Precision Pro states the battery will last for two rounds of golf and then it can be charged. We didn’t really have any battery trouble although some customers said they have. With all the features, your battery drains. Just charge it after every round and it shouldn’t be an issue. 

What is the best rangefinder?

The Bushnell Pro XE is the best rangefinder on the market. The Slope With Elements technology is incredibly accurate and Bushnell continually gives the most accurate numbers. 

Does the Precision Pro R1 have an app? 

The Precision Pro R1 has an app that allows you to input your club data for more accurate results. The MySlope technology is unique to the market and when you start using it consistently, it can help with accuracy. 

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