“At PXG, we feel like we are meeting the needs of our exclusive clientele, but perhaps not the most exclusive clientele within the golf market. To fill this void, we are releasing PXG Gold."

Hot on the heels of the recently announced Xtreme Dark finish for its 0311 irons, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is ready to make another entry into the Performance With a Price Tag marketplace with the new the PXG Gold irons.

PXG Gold is geared toward the golfer who truly appreciates the finer things in life. Hypercar collectors, yacht aficionados, people shopping for their second airplane... this is the target audience for PXG Gold. Entry-level PXG gear targets the millionaire golfer demographic, but the new PXG Gold line targets the previously neglected billionaire golfer.

"Golf needs to be inclusive, not exclusive. We can’t have equipment that segregates a subset of the golfing population from the others. No one feels welcome when quality gear is not available within one’s tax bracket. Today, that neglected market is serviced.”

So what makes the PXG Gold irons ideally suited to the previously underserved golfing billionaire?


New Model, New Metals

“With PXG Gold, we allowed our engineers to experiment essentially across the periodic table. Early prototypes featured metals never before seen in a golf club, Rhodium, Mercury, even Plutonium . Ultimately though, we kept the needs of the client in mind and settled on the most recognizable symbol of opulence: gold.”

You read that right, the new PXG Gold irons are meticulously forged from gold; more specifically, PXG’s new proprietary gold alloy. The exact formula remains undisclosed, but we’ve been told the alloy does contain some traditional golf materials such as tungsten and titanium, but also contains metals previously unseen within the golf industry.

“We saw the performance gains that Mizuno made through the addition of boron, so we took it to the next level like only PXG can.”

Left untreated, gold would be too soft for use as the primary clubhead material. In fact, the gold alloy proved not strong enough to support the face during early prototype testing. However, engineers found that by treating the clubhead with uranyl acetate dihydrate, the yellow-green salt prepared from depleted uranium, not only would the face withstand impact forces through tens of thousands of swings, but the grooves also hold their edge seemingly indefinitely post-treatment.

PXG’s use of new materials also extends to its signature weight screws as well. While the company continues to leverage the familiar tungsten found in the first generation of PXG products, the steel weights have been replaced with platinum.

Said PXG, “The decision to go platinum is not purely cosmetic. The uranium face treatment caused an unexpected reaction with our steel weights. Platinum, being essentially non-reactive in this situation, was the obvious alternative.”

Damascus Shaft


In an industry first, PXG’s engineering team was also able to construct the first ever golf clubs featuring Damascus steel.

“No one was prepared for the performance of Damascus steel in the shaft. Once we had the first mock ups of the Damascus shaft, we knew immediately it was right for PXG Gold. The flex profile and torque are as unique as the layered Damascus steel.”

But Do They Perform?

Like the PXG 0311 irons, the PXG Gold irons are more than just eye candy. Sure, they would look great in the boardroom or the bedroom, but these irons really look their best on the golf course.

“A pretty face with no game is a worthless venture. The experience of playing PXG Gold needed to be something special.”

To accomplish this, PXG once again took the yokes off of their engineers and let them run. Not with the metal this time, but rather with the polymer inside.

“When your designs must be accessible to millionaires, in terms of available material, it really forces you into a box. Thermoplastic elastomer will get the job done, but it’s not without limitations.”

For a solution, PXG took an non-traditional route, straying from the fields of metallurgy and chemistry, instead looking to biology. The main component of the new PXG Gold’s polymer filling may surprise you.


It’s gila monster venom.

“Sometimes the solution is right in your own desert backyard. Our engineers figured out a way to incorporate the highly toxic gila monster venom into the new elastomer recipe, and in doing so, increased the expected distance and forgiveness by several orders of magnitude.”

PXG’s R&D team, working in conjunction with a team of reptile specialists at the Phoenix Zoo, found a way to weave the venom’s protein fiber matrix into their existing elastomeric fiber system, reportedly in a collagen-similar triple helix orientation. This would be the obvious configuration as collagen is known for its excellent elasticity and strength.

“We had to milk quite a few gila monsters to reach the final formula, but we are really proud of this final omega version.”

Synthetic Gila Monster grips with distinct 24 karat inlays complete PXG Gold’s iconic look.

“The PXG Gold irons represent a beautiful fusion between nature and man; between nature and biology. By combining the unexpected and the unaffordable, we have created something truly unique for our most discerning customer.”


Availability and Pricing

Retail price for PGX Gold is $25,000 per club, making the total for an eight club set $200,000.

While this likely puts Gold out of the price range of the average golfer, remember, this iron is designed specifically for the billionaire class.

Even if your pockets are deep-enough, getting your hands on PXG Gold could prove challenging as only three sets will be produced, all right-handed.

“We know that the billionaire golfer wants something that is special. PXG Gold is unique, it’s not going to be in everybody’s bag. We don’t expect it to be, we don’t want it to be. This is exactly why we are limiting these to three sets. In an ideal situation, three members of a usual Saturday billionaire foursome will buy them, thus allowing them to lord that weekly over the PXG Gold-less fourth. It’s great to have something special, but it’s even better when not everyone can have it.”

Specifications: PXG Gold Irons
Model: 0401
Heads Material: PXG Gold alloy
Polymer Fill: Gila Monster Elastomer Ionomer Omega
Weights: Tungsten and Platinum
Shaft: PXG Damascus, X-Flex only
Grip: Synthetic Gila Monster Leather with 24k Gold inlays
Set Construction: 4-AW
Price: $200,000
Availability: April 1, 2016