Eidolon Golf - Now SCOR Golf

(Written By: Golfspy X) If you are a regular reader of MyGolfSpy you have most likely heard of Eidolon Wedges.  They've carved out a pretty nice niche for themselves in the wedge market over the years.  And owner Terry Koehler has plenty of experience in the business.  So, the fact that they are coming out with a new wedge line is not all that shocking seeing that almost every brand has something new every year.  But the fact that they are totally scrapping the Eidolon name, brand and wedges for an entirely new name and product is quite surprising.


Well it's not often that a golf company has an idea so profound that it not only changes their thinking but also forces them re-think their entire business and product line.  And that is exactly what happened a couple years ago to Terry Koehler (Owner of Eidolon Golf).  This new concept which has resulted in the new wedge company named SCOR Golf has totally changed the way Terry thought about wedges and how they should be designed.

Why Is It So Profound?

  • Why Do All Wedges Look Alike? - If you take a look at most wedge sets in your local store...they all have a similar shape for the most part.  Koehler thinks that needs to change...and he might be on to something.  Think about something similar to a Pro Combo style set of irons (which has gained popularity) where a set of irons is broken up into different shapes to better benefit the shots needed to be made by different irons (ex: 3-iron vs. 9-iron). On the SCOR4161 wedges it is a similar theory...each loft (which there are 21 of...crazy!) are designed completely different. I'm not just talking grind and bounce...I'm talking about the entire design. (1) The lower lofts have more perimeter weighting, a thicker face and a higher center of mass to keep short iron and full wedges shots driving forward. (2) The higher loft wedges have a progressively lower center of mass to give you more ball-stopping control. (3) Each and every clubhead has its own unique weight distribution for optimizing forgiveness and accuracy.  SCOR Golf calls this trio of benefits: SGC3 Progressive Weighting – Short Game Control x 3 – trajectory/distance/spin.
  • Re-Thinking Your Bag Set Up - Might sound crazy but when is the last time you actually thought about every single club in your bag and how they fit your game?  Most people haven't to be honest.  But if you were think completely logical about it and were to rebuild your bag from scratch should spend the majority of your time working on the scoring clubs first before moving on to the driver.  I know "Drive for Show"...but 150 yards in is REALLY where most of your scoring comes from.  So why shouldn't you think about your wedges just like you do a set of irons...and purchase them like a set?
  • Gaps Are Getting Bigger - The average loft gap between clubs in general should be 4 degrees.  Although with the average loft of PW now at 46* and sometimes 45* you most likely now have ATLEAST a 6-7 degree gap between your PW that came with your set and your 52* wedge.  Some don't even carry a 52 degree the gap is even larger.  One of the principles behind SCOR Golf is to think about your wedges more like a set of clubs...and to get your gaps covered.  Because if you think about it...if you hit a PW 125 yards and a SW 90 yards...what would you do if you had a 105 yard shot over a bunker to a tucked pin?  You would either choke down on a PW or muscle up on a SW.  However either option typically leaves you with less then desired results.  And that possible 1-putt for birdie has now left you scrambling to make par.  These type of shots are lost all the time throughout a round but don't really show up as bad shots on the scorecard.
  • No More Bending - Generally when the average golfer thinks about wedges...they think 52,56,60.  Those are pretty much the standards for wedges.  That being said most wedge companies do offer more loft options...but even those at best will still have 2 degree gaps between their array of loft options.  Which means if you want something in between your gonna have to bend them to get the loft you desire.  Well with SCOR wedges they literally have 21 lofts available (from 41-61 degrees).  So why is that important...well for those of you that don't prefer having to bend your wedges or feel like you are forced to buy a loft you really don't you won't have to.  Also, Terry or one of his staff will go over your current set (which they have built a database of just about every set ever made) and will find out the specific lofts of all your current irons.  This way they will match your wedge set to your irons.  Meaning...they will make sure that your custom built set of SCOR wedges will be gapped correctly.  They call it the SCORFit process.  So if your 9-iron is 41 degrees...they would then build you a set of wedges with 45, 49, 53, 57, 61 degree lofts.  This way your set will match all the way through in lofts and also your new wedges will be built for the different type shots that are needed for different wedge lofts.

The basic design premise behind SCOR4161 comes from a simple question: “When you have a 9-iron or PW in your hands, is that more like a wedge shot or a 4-iron shot?” The answer is always, logically, “more like a wedge.”    So we then asked the critical question, “So why does your 9-iron and “P-club” match your 4-iron and not your wedges?”

{Answer:} Because no one has ever given golfers the option to do it any other way.



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