Spornia SPG-8 XL Golf Net – Key Takeaways

  • New eight-foot by eight-foot golf hitting net
  • New upgraded premium material for simulation (frame, netting, etc.)
  • Retail price: $499.99

The Spornia net needs no introduction after winning last year’s Hitting Net test at MyGolfSpy. However, they have just gone bigger.

Times have been tough for the past two years. We have all struggled to remain sane with all the restrictions but things appear to be looking up. For the golfing population, I would bet my pair of NIKE Air Infinity Tour (actually you can have them) that 75 percent of golfers purchased or tried to purchase a golf hitting net in those two years.

Why Go Bigger?

In most instances, size isn’t everything. However, in golf hitting nets, bigger is always better 😉.

The Spornia SPG-8 comes in at a large 8 feet x 8 feet to catch all those stray shanks. For those who tend to sky their shots, the SPG-8 has a roof portion that is angled down to catch them. Great for saving your walls and keeping your partner happy.

One of the main features I like about the Spornia collection is how easy it is to set up. Its automatic opening system springs to life the minute you let go. From there, you add a couple of support poles to keep the net upright and you’re good to go within seconds.

What’s Not To Like?

Off the top of my head … NOTHING!

I loved the setup and breakdown for simplicity and storing the net is better than you think. It folds up to a circle and is no thicker than the palm of your hand. Another great feature of the SPG-8 is how quiet it is when ripping a driver or iron into. So, again, you’re keeping your partner happy when they’re upstairs watching Great British Bake Off. I’m speaking from experience. Trust me, they won’t even know you’re ripping dingers into the net.


Quick Tips and Add-Ons

Always measure the space in which you intend to use the net. You might not have 10-foot ceilings but Sporina has smaller models to fit your needs. When you’ve hit all the dingers you can for that day, I highly recommend watching the how-to video.

Spornia has a couple of add-ons which could entice you to buy along with your SPG-8 net. For example, the chipping net and the side net extension are must-haves. It can keep your short game tight throughout the year and catch those hosel rockets that creep in from time to time.

Spornia SPG-8 Pricing and Availability

Available NOW for $499.99 and comes with the following:


  • SPG-8 golf practice net
  • Bull’s-eye target sheet (76″ x 76″)
  • Chipping basket
  • Poles and ground stakes
  • Carry bag
Spornia SPG-8 XL

Spornia SPG-8 XL


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