• TaylorMade has just launched the P•790 Black Irons.
  • They are the same as the current version with a new aggressive black PVD finish.
  • Retail price is $1,699 (3-PW).

The original P•790 was an instant powerhouse in the Player’s Distance category. And while TaylorMade’s first foam-filled design raised the ire of PXG, it also sent the company down what has become a four-year-long path of creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing irons in the game. The TaylorMade P•790 Black will no doubt continue the trend.

If you’re inclined to find chunks of metal “sexy,” with the last several iterations of its P•series irons, TaylorMade has joined the league leaders in the hot-and-bothered category while giving you an uncomfortable number of excuses to need some quality “alone time.”

P•790 Black – New But Not Different

For those and other reasons, you may have found yourself tingling with anticipating for the next P•790. After all, it’s been two years since the current model launched alongside the extra-uber-premium P•790 Ti. The calendar suggests it’s time for some new gear.

Unfortunately for you sweaty P•790 fans, this time around the calendar deceives. Instead of a totally new P•790, with the TaylorMade P•790 Black, the company is taking the increasingly popular route of extending the existing line.

The P•790 Black isn’t so much a redesign as it is a refinish. COBRA did something similar with its new Forged Tec Copper. Callaway has done it over generations of Apex and, of course, not too long ago, Vokey began offering its entire SM8 wedge lineup in Slate Blue which is the best finish.

TaylorMade P•790 Black – Sex Appeal

With the P•790 Black, TaylorMade describes its take on a black PVD finish as a “new level of elegance and aggression.”

“The bold aesthetic blends perfectly with the powerful performance,” says TaylorMade, “delivering a daring look and irons that are made to take on daring shots.”

Elegance and aggression. If that doesn’t add some spice, I’m not sure what will although I’ve got a pretty good idea what Scott Fawcett might have to say about the “daring shots” part.

At the end of the day, PVD is PVD, so while we should reasonably expect that the finish will wear, from the photos anyway, it looks like TaylorMade has done a solid job marrying its particular flavor of PVD with the P•790. In some designs, black can look a little out of place. The TaylorMade P•790 Black, however, looks like it was made for this particular version of a little black dress.

Specs, Pricing and Availability

Most of the rest of the story is boilerplate P•790. SpeedFoam, Thru-Slot Speed Pockets, tungsten weighting, thin faces … You know the drill. True Temper DG 105 Black shafts complement the black heads while Gray/Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips complete the package.

Retail price for the TaylorMade P•790 Black (3-PW) is $1,699. Available now.

For more information visit TaylorMadeGolf.com.

TaylorMade P•790 Black Irons

TaylorMade P•790 Black Irons