You watched Driver vs. Driver 2, and even if you didn’t, you almost certainly haven’t been able to escape the hype behind the winning design.

The 2019 Wilson Cortex is a fantastic looking (and sounding) driver. It’s perhaps Wilson’s best working in the driver category since the Whale. How’s that for playing to nostalgia during a time when Wilson is attempting to reemerge as a serious player in the driver space?

The internet is already grumbling about the $500 price point and while we think the Cortex looks every bit the part of a premium driver, the entire Driver vs. Driver 2 effort will be for naught if Cortex doesn’t perform.

To find out if the Wilson Cortex can hold its own against the best, we put it up against the best. At a viewer’s request, we hit the Cortex head-to-head against the 2018 Most Wanted Driver – the PING G400 LST.

Here’s what happened.