Honma Beres is all about lightweight luxury designed for low- to medium-swing speed players with very deep pockets. Pricing for a Beres driver can range from a low end of $850 for a 2-Star driver all the way up to $4,500 for a 5-Star driver.

Though the 2-Star is ironically considered “entry-level” by Beres (it did finish third in this year’s Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron testing), the line goes up to 3-, 4- and 5-Star levels. Just so we’re clear, a full bag of 5-Star Honma Beres wares will set you back roughly $70,000.

With all of that said, we’d like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.

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We’re looking for two couples (four total testers) to try the Honma 2-Star driver and report back.

So, grab that special someone and head to the Beres 2 Star Driver testing thread in the forum to apply.