A new generation of irons for the elite ball-striker

While the new Titleist T-series (T100, T200, and T300) offers technology for every player, Titleist’s other new irons are designed for the purist.

You’re not going to find any grand technology story here. With irons in this category, the goal is almost always to keep it simple; make it look pretty and don’t screw up the feel. It’s primarily up to the golfer to deliver on the promise of precision.

Titleist 620 MB

The 620 MB’s outstanding feel is achieved by way of single-piece forged construction and soft 1025 steel. Cosmetically, the most visible change is the removal of the MB from the blade. Golfers asked Titleist to make the iron as clean as possible, and the general thinking is that if you need Titleist to tell you it’s a muscleback, you probably shouldn’t be playing a muscleback.

Toplines are thin, offset is minimal. Turf interaction has been improved too, but guys, this is an all-business kind of iron.

Like the T-Series, the 620 MB offers a progressive design (longer blade lengths in the long irons, more compact scoring clubs), though it’s fair to see that there’s nothing in the set that remotely qualifies as a big.

Progressions throughout the set are designed to flow seamlessly with the 620 CB for golfers who intend on mixing and matching.

As you’d expect from the blade category, this is very much a what you see is what you get offering designed to appeal to a small segment of golfers. “They’re not a huge part of our business, but they’re a huge part of our heritage,” says Josh Talge. “We know how to make irons for the best players in the world. We’re good at that.”

620 MB serves as proof of that.

Titleist 620 CB

Like the MB, Titleist is staying true to the spirit of its CB offering. The 620 CB is still a single-piece forging designed for the golfer willing to forgo some technology in exchange for classic shaping, outstanding feel, and all off that workability and precision stuff. That said, there are were some tour players felt that there was a bit of overlap between the CB and the AP2, so Titleist nudged the 620 CB a bit to the better player side of the scale such that performance is centered between the MB and T100. It just makes sense.

This time around, while there’s co-forged tungsten in the 3 through 5 irons, that’s the end of it (the previous CB featured tungsten from the 3 through 7-irons). By eliminating the tungsten, Titleist was able to bring ball flight down while increasing spin just a bit. It’s a design change intended to serve golfers looking to flight the ball through a lower window.

As with everything else we’ve discussed today, the shape of the 620 CB has been refined, and turf interaction has been improved.

Specs, Availability, and Pricing

Stock Shaft offerings for the 620 MB are Project X (steel), and Tensei White AM2 (graphite).

Stock shaft offerings for the 620 CB are the Project X LX (steel) and Tensei White AM2 (graphite).

The stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

Titleist 620 MB and 620 CB irons are available for fittings beginning August 8th. Retail availability begins August 30th.

Retail price for each is $175 per club with steel shafts ($1,399/8-club set) and $187.50 per club with graphite shafts ($1,499/8-club set).

For more information, visit Titleist.com.