UPDATE: June 9th 2008

Here are the pictures of the new Titleist 909 D2 driver and Titleist 909 D3 driver

Titleist 909 D2

Titleist 909 D3

Titleist 909 Driver

Equipment: New Titleist driver introduced at U.S. Open
By Jennifer Gardner and Alex Miceli

Two new driver models from Titleist are making their debuts at the U.S. Open.

The 909D2 has a 460cc head and offers a higher launch angle and more workability, while the 909D3 boasts a 440 cc head, will have a flatter, more boring trajectory and hits straighter off the tee. Both models are available only to pros in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees of loft.

A pair of club professionals, Jeffrey Bors and Robert Gaus, both Titleist staffers, will be the first to play the new drivers in competition. Bors will have the 909D2 in his bag and Gaus will use the 909D3.

Also, according to Titleist tour representative Steve Mata, three PGA Tour pros are toying with the idea of using the new driver in today’s opening round – Brett Quigley will decide between his 907D2 and the 909D3; D.J. Trahan will use either a 905R model or the 909D3; and Steve Stricker is considering putting the 909D3 in his bag.

Titleist is not announcing when the 909 drivers may be available for sale, but it’s likely to be fall 2008 before they are in retail outlets.

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New Patent Filed by Acushnet Golf will Issue Soon…Could it be the new Titleist 909?

There have been numerous reports about a new Titleist driver coming out in the Fall of 2008. Surprise to many….but from the info we got today this might not be a surprise for long (drawings below). This year saw the release of two new Titleist drivers (907 D1 driver and 907 D2 driver), both have had disappointing results to say the least. And in the past couple months I have been bombarded with Titleist die-hards making claims like “These new drivers are the worst Titleist has ever produced!” and “I switched to a different brand, this is a big deal considering I have played Titleist clubs exclusively for the past 20 years.” This is not good news for Titleist.

Out with the New and in with the Newer

Titleist as a company usually holds on to a new driver design for much longer then half a season but, with rumors like this and the fact that (30 out of 64 of their touring pros) are continuing to play older models might be forcing them to go back to the drawing boards sooner then expected. And it is never a good sign or marketing tool when the people you pay to play your clubs will not even put it in their bag. And if they don’t make a switch they might just lose their life-long devoted followers for good. Word around the golf industry has the next model being called the Titleist 909. This would be the logical progression, since past models were named 905 and the 907. I have been hearing different stories in regards to the name, but the name is the least of their worries right now.

One other mystery is what it will look like. This is what everyone really wants to know and from the buzz we are hearing it will be a remake of the 905R but with a much more radical design. Sounds like they are looking for the feel, sound, distance and control of the 905R but with some ground breaking technology. And when Titleist sets their minds to making ground breaking technology they generally hit their mark.

Could it be the Titleist 909 or is it a Cobra?

No word on whether or not this new design owned by Titleist will be the next Titleist 909 or not but from the looks of the drawings I assume it will be a new Cobra model. I just cannot imagine Titleist making this their peace offering to their devoted fans. But let us know what you think.

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titleist 909 driver

titleist 909 pics

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909 driver photos

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