As Titleist’s T-Series irons roll into Year Two on the market, the company is hoping to get you Jacked for Black with cosmetically updated versions of its two player’s distance offerings, the T100S and the T200.

Why Jacked for Black? Because the irons are black and the lofts are jacked and maybe that’s exciting.

(See what I did there?)

Anyway, line extensions are a proven way to reinvigorate products in their second year on the shelf as competition from new products grows. Everyone does it. Titleist’s previous limited black offerings have sold out in a matter of days so it’s not the least bit surprising that the company would take a shot with T100S and T200.

T200 Black and T100S Black Performance and Technology

The technology package itself is unchanged from the not black versions. The T200 still offers Max Impact Technology and the T100S is still a stronger-lofted T100. If you’re up for a stroll down memory lane to take a closer look at the performance details of either iron, we’ve got you covered:

T200 Black and T100S Black Shaft Options

In addition to the black PVD finish, other enhancements to the T-Series Black Limited stock shafts include Project X LZ Onyx in the T100S Black and Dynamic Gold Onyx AMT in the T200. Feel free to swap the shafts if you like. An all-black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 completes the package.

About that Black Finish

I may have mentioned it a time or two but Black PVD is not my favorite. It’s not as durable as DBM (Diamondized Black Metal) or DLC (Diamond-like Carbon), but it offers a more affordable price tag and I appreciate that Titleist is being upfront about the fact that it’s going to wear. The hope is you’ll appreciate the unique patina over time and that the wear will be graceful (as opposed to flaking off in chunks). PVD is what it is. As long as you understand that, fine.

Specs, Pricing and Availability

The T-Series Black Limited is, in fact, actually limited. It’s not “Mizuno MP-20 only 500 sets made” limited but the expectation is that they’re going to sell fast. Bottom line, if T-Series black is your thing, don’t wait too long.

Both T100S and T200 Black are available in 4-PW, W(48°).

Retail price for the T200 and T100S Black Irons is $200 per club ($1,599 for the eight-club set). Availability begins Aug. 28.

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