a photo of the Tommy Armour 845 MAX Driver

As the house brand of DICK’S Sporting Goods, Tommy Armour doesn’t give off quite the same lovable “little guy” vibes as direct-to-consumer brands like Sub 70 and New Level but its business model isn’t wildly different: Provide consumers with a good product at prices well below industry averages.

It’s that simple.

That’s been the case since DICK’S scooped up the Tommy Armour brand as part of its acquisition of Sports Authority.

The first iterations of the Tommy Armour brand under the DICK’s umbrella featured bold designs. The idea was to let you know that Tommy was back. As the line has matured and become more familiar to golfers, DICK’s doesn’t feel the need to scream quite as loudly. So, while perhaps a bit more understated than the TA1 or Atomic lines, a more refined and streamlined Tommy Armour 845 MAX shouldn’t suggest that performance has been compromised.

That also shouldn’t suggest that Tommy Armour has designs on going toe to toe with the likes of TaylorMade or Callaway. DICK’S believes its best opportunities exist where those guys aren’t. That means offering up the new Tommy Armour 845 MAX driver and fairway woods at prices well below those of the industry leaders.

an address view of the Tommy Armour 845 MAX Driver

A More Forgiving TA845

As its name suggests, the new Tommy Armour 845 MAX brings a bit more of a game improvement slant to the Tommy Armour line. Rest assured, the Tommy Armour team hasn’t done anything crazy. Shapes are still conventional and hosels haven’t been offset. We’re simply talking about boosting forgiveness by way of higher MOI and what DICK’S is calling Flex-11 technology. It’s Tommy’s answer to the various speed preservation techniques used by competitors across the industry.

The improved forgiveness comes from higher MOI made possible by a single-piece carbon fiber crown and an overall heavier head weight. As you’d expect, the Tommy Armour 845 MAX features a low and back center of gravity placement.

That’s pretty much boilerplate for any design with forgiveness as its selling point.

For you numbers guys, MOI should measure out around the 5,500 mark. That’s not quite the same ballpark as PING and PXG but it’s solidly at the higher end of the forgiveness range, which should play well with the intended audience.

Flex 11 Face

The 11 in the Flex-11 face speaks to the progression of 11 discrete thicknesses across the face, starting with 3.3 millimeters in the center and thinning down to to 2.1 millimeters at the edges. The increased thickness in the center keeps the USGA happy while the progressively thinner areas help retain ball speed on less than sweet-spot contact.

True to its purpose, Tommy Armour isn’t scaling back tech to hit its $299 price point. We’ve already touched on the carbon fiber crown which is paired with a 6-4Ti face. Notably, the body is cast which is desirable in metalwoods construction because it allows for thinner walls and the weight savings that come with them. Value brands will sometimes choose forged construction in their metalwoods. That cuts costs, albeit at the expense of performance.

While you don’t get any movable weights, the Tommy Armour 845 MAX is adjustable at the hosel. The six-position sleeve allows loft to be tuned up to two degrees (in one-degree increments) both up and down. There’s also an option to add some draw bias to the equation.

Tommy Armour 845 MAX Driver Specs and Pricing

The Tommy Armour 845 Max is available in nine (RH only) and 10.5 degrees. The ladies’ version is available in 12 degrees.

The stock length is 45.25 inches. That’s a little shorter than most which should make it a bit easier to control while also maintaining the target D4 swing weight.

Stock shaft options include the Tensei Red in regular and senior flex, Tensei Blue in stiff flex and Tensei Purple in ladies’ flex. The ladies’ version features a lighter and shorter build and a purple-accented head.

The Tommy Armour TA845 MAX driver can be custom ordered (shaft length, grip, etc.). All custom orders are assembled in the U.S.A. by the team at Golfworks.

Retail price for the Tommy Armour TA845 MAX Driver is $299 though you can expect to find it on sale ($249) often.

Tommy Armour 845 MAX Fairway Wood

As is almost always the case with fairway woods, the TA 845 Max fairway story is similar to that of the driver.

The carbon crown has been paired with a CS450 maraging steel face that leverages Flex-11 face technology. Again, for the numbers guys, the fairway thickness starts at 2.2 millimeters and steps down to 1.4 in the thinnest regions.

Tommy Armour 845 MAX Fairway Specs

Currently, the Tommy Armour 845 MAX fairway wood is available in a 15-degree 3-wood (RH and LH) and an 18-degree 5-wood (RH only). It’s not lost on Tommy Armour that the market is moving towards higher-lofted fairway woods so there are plans to add 7- and 9- wood models in the spring.

Ladies’ versions are available in 3-wood and 5-wood models for both left- and right-handed golfers.

The stock shafts are the same as they are for the driver: Tensei CK Red (regular), Tensei CK Blue (stiff) and Tensei CK Purple (ladies).

Retail price for the fairway wood is $199.99.

For more information, visit the DICK’S or Golf Galaxy website.

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