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A few months ago, I published a review of the Champion Putting Green by Provoto.  While impressive in just about every way imaginable (it scored a 93.5), the price and size were sticking points for many readers.

Recently, I got a visit from a Provoto representative to introduce me to some new accessories that they’re adding to their lineup.  The rep walked in with a large, flat duffle bag from which he produced an 8’ putting green.  I was intrigued.  “What does that cost?” I asked.  “For MyGolfSpy readers, the green is under $300,” he answered.  “And we’re talking about accessories!?!?  You’re burying the lead!” I said.  And thus, this review was born.

Note: I started by trying to write a standard review of the Advantage Putting Studio, but it turned out to be a retread of my Champion Putting Green review.  If you haven’t read that review, check it out HERE.  In this piece, I decided to focus on the differences between the Champion and Advantage Greens and the new accessories that Provoto is offering.

Champion vs. Advantage

The most obvious difference between the Champion and the Advantage is the size.  The Champion is 10’ long, the Advantage is 8’.  Both are roughly a foot wide.  The Champion weighs in at a robust 50 pounds which can be difficult to move for some.  The Advantage is a svelte 21 pounds, light enough for almost anyone to fold up and carry.  As mentioned above, the Advantage can be packed into a carrying case that’s roughly 48” X 18” X 7”.

Both greens feature a stand that brings the user up to the level of the green, though the Champion is much “taller” than the Advantage.  Both greens feature adjustable break and slope.

The last big difference is the ball return mechanism.  The Champion funnels the ball back to the “foot” of the green through a channel underneath the putting surface.  The Advantage uses a RoboCup.  Both methods are good, but both have quirks.  With the Champion, putts of less than 10’ can be annoying because the ball only returns to the end of the green.  With the Advantage, it is possible to make a putt without activating the RoboCup.  Neither one has a strong negative impact on the overall experience, but they’re worth mentioning.

“Turf” Options

With both the Champion and Advantage Putting Greens, you have the choice of billiard cloth or “fanfare” turf.  The billiard cloth gives the smoothest roll possible, just like putting on fast, top quality greens.  The fanfare cloth has a little bit more grit and bump to it.  It’s not that it isn’t a true surface; you just need to give the ball a little more of a rap to get it going on line whereas on the billiard cloth the ball needs only a gentle suggestion to move towards the hole.

There isn’t a bad choice, but it is an important one.  I would suggest matching your choice to either the types of greens you tend to play on or your tendencies as a putter.

New Accessories

Since the review of the Champion Putting Green, Provoto has introduced two important accessories: the Laser Kit and the Putting Channel.

The Laser Kit is, quite simply, a must have for the Provoto owner.  It includes a laser level and a pedestal that allows the laser to project to the end of the green.  Not only does the laser provide an excellent reference for alignment and visualization, it tells you where to put the ball.  This may sound silly, but it was actually enough of a concern for me that prior to getting the Laser Kit, I used a Sharpie to mark the center of my personal green.  Now there’s no need to mar your green with markers.

Additionally, the laser line ups the ante on how precise you will want to be.  It won’t be enough to make the putt; you’ll want the ball to roll straight down the red line.  And, finally, it makes practicing in the dark look super cool.

The Putting Channel is the result of a partnership between Provoto and PGA Professional Stephen Aumock, and it is the only training aid that will look at home on a Provoto Putting Green.  The Putting Channel does two things: it gives you some guidelines for the shape of your stroke and some much-tighter guidelines for where your ball needs to go.

As I’ve stated in the past, I’m part of the group that does not like training aids that force the putter on a particular path.  That said, the Putting Channel does not dictate a specific path, but it does give you boundaries to work within.   The ball gate, though perhaps a bit redundant on a perfectly flat and smooth Provoto green, does add a level of difficulty and a bit of jarring feedback should you miss.


* Prices discussed below are standard retail prices.  MyGolfSpy readers can use promo code “PGAPRO” to get 30% off

The Advantage Putting Green is regularly priced at $385.  It can be bundled with the Laser Kit (again, a must have, in my opinion) for $430.  The complete Advantage Putting Studio with the green, Laser Kit, and Putting Channel costs $515.

The Laser Kit and Putting Channel can be purchased separately for $50 and $95, respectively.

The Takeaway

Whether you choose the Champion or the Advantage, the full Putting Studio or just a putting green, you will be making a good investment in your game when you add a Provoto green to your putting practice.

Exclusive Offer!MyGolfSpy readers get 30% OFF Provoto Putting Greens.