The one-year refresh on products with 2-year lifecycles is all the rage right now. If it’s chrome, PVD is the standard play (unfortunately). But how do you keep it fresh when black is already in the lineup?

If you’re Vokey, the answer is Slate Blue.

Good answer.

The latest iteration of Vokey’s take on blue found its way into the lineup in limited form last fall with the release of the Wedge Works 60° T Grind. Beginning January 31st, the finish will be available across the entire Vokey SM7 lineup. That’s 23 unique loft, bounce, and grind combinations, and because Titleist seldom shortchanges the lefties, all 23 of those options will be available in both RH and LH.

How’s that for keeping it fresh?

I had a chance to see the Slate Blue finish when I visited Titleist last August and immediately fell in love with it. Silky, sexy…it’s so good. You want this. At least I do.

While Slate Blue is applied like PVD, the material is unique, the process is more intensive, and ultimately the finish is more durable, which means your new wedges should still look good by the time the SM8 (presumably) rolls out later this year.

The Slate Blue finish does cost a bit more, and that cost is being passed on to you. Retail price for SM7 Slate Blue wedges is $199. The stock shaft is a Nippon Modus3 125 (it’s as if Vokey made this just for me). The stock grip is a Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound Black with custom VB Wings logo.

Can we put an MCC Plus4 midsize on that? You guys have my specs, right?

Alternative shafts and grips are available at no extra charge. Additional customizations like character stamping are available for an additional fee.

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