Exceptionally tight lies, overly firm conditions, or bunkers that can pass for cart paths; every golfer deals with these challenges from time to time. Whether the need arises by design, or from seasonal conditions that can transform a soft course to fast and firm overnight, there are times when having at least one high lofted, low bounce wedge bag is an absolute necessity.

In Vokey’s SM7 line, that need is filled by the L Grind. It offers plenty of forward bounce with a relatively narrow sole. Adding to the low bounce options is the WedgeWorks 60.06 K Grind. The measured bounce is lower still and brings with it a wider sole. Depending on how the golfer comes into the ball, either could be the better option, but neither is right for everybody. Even within the confines of a relatively narrow category (low bounce lob wedges), having a broad selection of options certainly doesn’t hurt.

With that in mind, enter the newest WedgeWorks exclusive, the 60° Limited Edition T Grind.

A Brief History of the T GRIND 

Bob Vokey created the T Grind for Titleist Brand Ambassador, Tom Pernice Jr. Based on the M grind, the T offers a narrow forward bounce, minimal camber, and a wider overall flange. The combination of a flat sole with less measured bounce makes the T Grind a good option for guys with shallow attack angles or those of us who often play in dry conditions or out of firm, compacted bunkers. The choice between L, K, and T really boils down to the golfer, but there’s a case to be made that the T is the most versatile of the lot.

Devout Vokey fans may recall that the first incarnation of the T Grind launched on the WedgeWorks platform in September 2008. That first one was also available in 60°.

The T resurfaced again as part of the SM5 offering. As a nod to its position as a bit of a specialty wedge, the mainstream T was offered in 62° only.

The most recent sighting of the T Grind was in March of 2016 by way of a 64° WedgeWorks offering. That one was the result of Bob Vokey and Aaron Dill’s work in preparing tour players for the notoriously fast, elevated greens of Augusta National. With 64° loft and 6° of effective bounce, the 64T featured progressive center of gravity (CG) technology and Spin Milled TX4 grooves to get the ball up quickly and stop close to the hole. The enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge relief was specifically designed for versatility around the greens, but with enough bounce to get of the bunker when needed.

2018 LIMITED Edition 60° T GRIND 

As the calendar would have it, the release of the new Limited Edition 60° T Grind also happens to mark, almost to the day, the 10th year anniversary of the first appearance of the T-Grind on WedgeWorks.

As we’ve said, the T-Grind is a is a specialty lob wedge designed to offer extreme versatility and shot-making around the greens. Already low bounce on paper (Bob Vokey would put the number at 4°), the new 60° T Grind features a dual-bounce sole. The design pairs a shallow forward bounce angle to help with square-face shots from tight lies or firm fairways, with aggressive trailing edge relief which allows the leading edge to sit close to the ground when the wedge is opened up. It’s arguably the ultimate tight lies wedge.

Refinements to the T’s dual-bounce grind manifest themselves as a more pronounced channel, not entirely dissimilar from the what you’d find on a PING EyeSole Wedge.

The T Grind wedge was popular at this summer’s Open Championship due to the firm, fast conditions at Carnoustie, and more than a handful of players including Charley Hoffman and Cameron Smith had them in play at The Open.

“When we arrived at Carnoustie and saw how firm and fast the course was playing, it was clear that the T Grind was going to be a great option. Bob crafted the T Grind to have low bounce that can be easily manipulated while keeping the leading edge close to the turf. It really excels when faced with those hard, unforgiving lies.” – Aaron Dill, Vokey Tour Rep

While, as you’d expect, post Open usage has dropped a bit, but in any given week, there are still 3-4 T Grinds wedges in play.


The limited edition 60° T Grind comes in a brand new, ultra-premium Slate Blue finish. It’s a mirror polish with hints of blue and gray. MyGolfSpy’s Editor, Tony Covey, had a chance to see the new finish during a recent visit to Titleist and he swears that while the photos look great, they don’t do the new finish justice. Slate Blue costs a bit more than Vokey’s mainline finish options, but there’s a strong case to be made that it’s worth it. As we’ve noted quite a bit of late, durability often proves to be an issue when a special finish is part of the story – or in some cases, the entire story. Titleist assures us that Slate Blue is every bit as durable as Tour Chrome and won’t wear away after just a few swings like PVD does.

For those looking for a low bounce lob wedge, especially those who can appreciate the distinctive look of Slate Blue, the new 60° T is worth checking out. We’re reasonably confident they’ll sell out fast, though we’d be anything but upset to see the T Grind and the Slate Blue finish find their way into the SM8 lineup.


As part of WedgeWorks, Limited 60°T Grinds can be customized to your liking, including personalized stamping (up to 10 characters), and one of 12 paint-fill colors. Golfers can also choose from an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, and ferrules along with custom toe engraving, making for a truly unique custom wedge.


Beauty comes at a cost. The WedgeWorks Limited 60°T Grind starts at $250. Availability begins today through Vokey WedgeWorks.