• Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedges will be available March 19.
  • The new finish option will be available in all loft, bounce and grind combinations.
  • Retail price is $199.

Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedge

Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedges are coming to retail next month. They offer the same tech as the current SM8 wedge with a new finish option.

That’s basically the whole story and, if it sounds familiar, that’s because … swap an 8 for a 7 …  I wrote this story two years ago.

It was a cool refresh then and it’s just as cool now because Slate Blue is Vokey’s best finish. That’s entirely an opinion and I should be clear that there’s no actual science behind it. The Vokey guys would tell you that performance from Slate Blue wedges is the same as any other finish in the Vokey catalog.

Vokey says the application of its Slate Blue finish is similar to PVD but that it’s more time-intensive. As you’d expect, there’s a trade-off for that. Slate Blue wedges cost more but the finish is more durable than PVD so they’ll look better longer.

It’s worth it.

We all have our favorites but, in the grand scheme of things, the finish probably isn’t nearly as important as a proper fitting — even when it’s the best finish, which Slate Blue is.

Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedge

Get Fitted … If You Can

Ideally, everyone reading this would take the time to do a proper outdoor wedge fitting. I understand that’s not always possible. The sad reality is that it’s almost never possible. At a minimum, I’d recommend you fight the impulse to hit the “Buy Now” button just long enough to use the Vokey Wedge Selector tool to get a better idea of the right loft, bounce and grind combinations for your bag.

Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedges – All Things for All People

The Vokey SM8 Slate Blue wedge release presents the rare case wherein no one has to be disappointed. Slate Blue wedges are available in all 23 SM8 loft, bounce and grind options and every last one is available for both right- and left-handed golfers.

Granted, the same is true for Vokey’s other finishes but, as I’ve mentioned a time or two before, Slate Blue is the best one. Frankly, as of five minutes ago, I can’t stand to look at my Jet Black wedges.

Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedges – Pricing and Availability

Retail price for Vokey SM8 Wedges is $199. They will be available at retail beginning March 19. Customization will be available through Vokey.com. Additional fees apply.

The stock shaft is the True Temper DG S200. The custom grip is a Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound (Blue/White with BV Wings).

For more information, visit Vokey.com.