• The Vokey T Grind wedge is available through Wedge Works now.
  • The versatile T Grind is the lowest-bounce wedge in the Vokey lineup.
  • Retail price is $225.

a photo of the 2022 Vokey Wedge Works T Grind

The Vokey T Grind lob wedge is used by Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas (and Cam Smith and Will Zalatoris and Cameron Young and Webb Simpson). Suffice it to say, it has an audience.

If you’re not swayed by those guys, I’ll concede it’s probably not going to move the needle much when I tell you the T Grind has made a significant impact on my game since went in my bag couple of seasons ago.

I should probably clarify. I mean a significantly positive impact on my game which hasn’t always been the case with all of my equipment selections.

While what’s in my bag isn’t particularly notable, the timing of the Wedge Works T Grind release is. Yes, we’re coming up on a major and that’s typically when a lot of this one-off stuff hits the market but, in the past, Vokey has saved the T Grind for Year 2 of its SM-series product cycle.

It’s telling that even though the SM9 has been in the market for just a few months, the standard T Grind cadence has been accelerated. That likely speaks to the growing use on the PGA TOUR and perhaps gives a hint of growing demand in the retail market as well.

a photo of a 58-degree Vokey T Grind Wedge

About Wedge Works T Grind

Simply stated, the Vokey Wedge Works T Grind is a low-bounce lob wedge. It’s offered in 58 and 60 degrees only. In both cases, the stated bounce is just four degrees. We’re talking about a legit low-bounce offering, even by low-bounce standards.

By the numbers, the bounce is the same as the mainstream SM9 L Grind but when the shape of the sole is accounted for, the T Grind should play as the lowest-bounce option in the lineup—or almost in the lineup, I suppose.

Between the stock L Grind, Wedge Works Low Bounce K and now the T Grind, Vokey offers three low-bounce options which, if nothing else, suggests Vokey firmly believes that while bounce is a good jumping-off point, it’s the grind that’s the thing.

From a fitting perspective, Vokey typically fits more players into the L Grind than its other low-bounce wedges. The T Grind is on the edge of being a niche offering which is why you can buy an L Grind in just about any pro Shop while the T Grind and the Low-Bounce K are Wedge Works exclusives.

With its wide, cambered sole, the Low-Bounce K-Grind is unique in the low-bounce space. It works really well in fluffy sand and has earned a reputation as a low-bounce wedge for steeper swingers. The downside for some is that it doesn’t sit nearly as tight to the ground as Vokey’s other low-bounce offerings.

In contrast, the Vokey Wedge Works T Grind is more similar to the L Grind in that both have relatively narrow soles. The differentiator is that the T Grind features more aggressive heel, toe and trailing-edge relief that ultimately allows the leading edge to sit a bit lower to the ground, especially on open-faced shots.

Who is the Vokey Wedge Works T Grind For?

According to Vokey, the T Grind is an option for golfers with great hands and a vivid short-game imagination. I have nothing if not a vivid golf imagination.

On paper, it’s a textbook fit for golfers with shallow attack angles and those who play in firm conditions. For my money, the Wedge Works T Grind is also a classic example of an opportunity to create shotmaking versatility via bag composition.

We’ve said before that while all this steep/shallow, digger/driver stuff is great (it certainly makes for a decent starting point in wedge fitting ), it’s inarguably true that the golf course doesn’t give a damn about your attack angle.

With that in mind, it makes sense to have a selection of wedges at your disposal to handle whatever the course gives you. The Vokey Wedge Works T Grind does nothing if not provide versatility.

My swing puts me in the category of golfers often called diggers but, despite my lack of a shallow swing, I find low bounce works really well on a club with which I almost never take a full swing. For me, that’s a lob wedge.

It’s also true that golfers who are diggers on full swings can be natural sweepers on partial swings. Maybe that’s you.

My home course plays firm and fast in the summer months and is, in places, “grass-challenged” around the greens. Tight lies, bare lies … we’ve got a little bit of everything. I’d imagine many of you play in similar conditions. In burning my way through most of the Vokey lineup, I’ve found the T Grind handles the worst of those tight, bare and uneven lies better than anything else.

Got firm bunkers? The T Grind can help there, too.

There’s always some risk with a low-bounce wedge (bounce is your friend because it provides a good bit of the forgiveness in your wedge) but you may find the versatility of the T Grind is worth the trade-off.

Specs, Pricing, Availability

The Vokey Wedge Works T Grind is available in 58  and 60 degrees in either a Tour Chrome (RH only) or Raw (RH/LH) finish. Yeah, I’m as bummed as you that Slate Blue, which is the best finish, isn’t available.

The stock shaft is a True Temper DG S200. The stock grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White.

Retail price is $225 and while that is inarguably high by wedge standards, it does include personalization and customization options.

  • Six unique toe engravings
  • Stamping: Choose from 10 characters straight/freestyle; 15 characters around the toe; two lines of 10 characters each
  • Custom paint fill
  • Additional shafts, grips shaft bands and ferrules available

Available now through Wedge Works and via custom order from Titleist retail partners, the Wedge Works T Grind is expected to remain in the lineup for the duration of the SM9 lifecycle. For more information on the Wedge Works T Grind, visit Vokey.com.

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