• Vokey has added M Grind gap wedges to its WedgeWorks platform.
  • The new offering provides an alternative to the F Grind.
  • The price is $199, including customization.

A vokey WedgeWorks M Grind collection wedge

There were signs last year that Vokey WedgeWorks was evolving from a place exclusively for limited-run specialty wedges to a means to expand the SM8 lineup without forcing inventory into retail shops. That was the case with last year’s low-bounce K and that’s the case today with the new addition of the Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind collection.

The M Grind itself isn’t new. It’s a staple of the Vokey retail lineup. That said, the retail version is currently limited to lob wedge lofts (56 to 62 degrees). With the WedgeWorks M Grind collection, Vokey is expanding its M Grind offerings to include 50-, 52- and 54-degree gap (and I suppose sand) wedge options.

The Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind gap wedges include all of the technology of the standard retail offerings in lower lofts. That’s most of the story.

About the Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind

The M Grind remains a medium-bounce wedge that offers heel, toe and trailing edge relief. It’s your textbook versatile grind for shallow attack angles and firm or sandy conditions.

What is notable is that by expanding the M Grind Collection into 50- and 52-degree lofts, Vokey has (finally) provided golfers with an alternative to the F grind in the gap wedge space.

It’s good to have options, especially if you know what to do with them.

M vs. F

If you use your gap wedge almost exclusively for full swings, the F will likely remain your better option. That’s especially true if you have a steeper swing. If, however, you use your gap wedge out of bunkers, like to open it up a touch around the green or are more of a sweeper, the more versatile M may be better suited to your game.

The Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection is available for custom order through Vokey.com or your local Vokey dealer. You can order it in any finish you want, as long as it’s Raw. Yeah … Raw is the only option. Hope you like rust.

It’s available in right-hand only which should play well with my neighbors in the true north.

an image of a Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Gap Wedge

Pricing and Availability

Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Wedges are $199. The price includes custom stamping, custom ferrule and shaft band.

Available now. To order or for more information, visit the Vokey WedgeWorks site.