There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

What We Tried

Evnroll CustomER Custom Putter Program, Evnroll’s new online custom V-Series putter design interface.

Your Custom Builder

Dave Wolfe – MyGolfSpy writer and putter fanatic. I’ve tested hundreds (maybe thousands) of flatsticks.

Evnroll’s CustomER Putter Designer

It should come as no surprise that the Evnroll CustomER putter designer is focused on the customER. Now you see what they did there with that name, don’t you? I’ll be honest. I missed it at first pass, having just focused on how the “ER” part referenced their putter models. So much for me being obsERvant.

Delicious syntax aside, let’s talk about what the Evnroll CustomER putter program is all about. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it centers on the customer. You design a custom Evnroll putter that meets both your play needs and your aesthetic sensibilities. From head to hue, the putter properties are decided by you.

Build Options: Evnroll CustomER Program

  • Head Shapes: Six
  • Dexterity: Right
  • Head Finish: Silver or black
  • Hosel Options: Four
  • Alignment Options: Varies with head but up to three choices
  • Paint Color Options: Thirteen color options for paint fill at various head locations
  • Shaft Color: Chrome or black
  • Length: 33-35 inches. More via custom
  • Grip: All Evnroll models (TourTac, Pistol and Gravity Grip)

Evnroll CustomER Physical Options

One thing that impressed me right away was the number of options. The process begins with head selection. You have six to choose from, featuring both blades and mallets. Unfortunately, it is right hand only at this time. Once you select the head, then you get to my favorite part of the design process: hosel selection.

Have you had your eye on an Evnroll putter in the past but wished it had a different neck? I’ve been right there with you. More than once, I wished the ER1 had a short slant-neck option. Now that is a possibility. You can select a short slant neck, a short plumber’s neck, a long plumber’s neck or a long slant neck.

Selecting the correct neck for your stroke is a critical design choice, as changing the neck will change the arc of the putter. The short slant will pair with the strongest arcing path. The short plumber’s neck matches mid-arc swings and the long plumber’s neck should work with a slight arc. The long slant is intended to pair with Evnroll’s new Midlock putting style.

Most of the heads also will give you the option to change the alignment scheme. You can stick with the stock plan for lines, go with a top line or remove the lines all together. What you can do does vary from head to head, so you will need to explore a bit to see all of the available options.

From there, you can customize your putter’s length, loft and lie. Now that you have the putter dialed in for your stroke, it’s time to make it look fancy!

Evnroll CustomER Aesthetic Options

While selecting the physical features is obviously important, adding paint to the putter is how you can truly make it your own. The Evnroll CustomER interface gives you 13 different colors of paint to apply at various places on the head. Pick a theme and run with it. Do you want a Halloween ER1v? You got it, punkin’. How about something belonging on a Mardi Gras float? Let those good times roll. You have green, gold, purple, red and so many more options. It’s an impressive palette.

You also have the choice between silver or black heads and shafts. Play around with these during the painting process as the color of the head changes the pop of the paint.

Dave’s Evnroll Custom ER2v

Six heads are a lot to choose from. I went back and forth quite a bit on this before finally selecting the ER2v. Ultimately, it was the ER2v’s strong Most Wanted performance that sealed my decision.

Shockingly, I did not go with a short slant neck, instead opting for the long plumber’s neck. Blame it on nostalgia. I have a thing for long-neck putters. It has been a while since a new one has rolled into my garage and I was feeling the need.

After spending about an hour on life-changing paint decisions, you can see the final putter that I put together in the above image.

Evnroll CustomER Interface Issues: None

The CustomER design interface works well. When you make a selection from the menu on the right, the rendering of the putter changes rapidly. This is true for every aspect, even the multitudes of paint options. As you run through the process, you get a pretty good idea about how the choices are affecting your build.

My only criticism is that I wish there were more angles shown for the putter. Even better, I wish you could rotate the putter like a 360-degree image so you could see the putter from all angles. This is not a hard critique of the current interface as you do get to see the putter at angles that cover the customizations. Truth be told, I didn’t even realize more angles would be helpful until I looked at the finished putter at address and realized I was viewing that angle for the first time.

Satisfaction and Value

The putter turned out amazingly. Maybe that’s the secret of showing relatively simple online images. When the putter shows up, it blows up all expectations. The finish is rich, even in full sun. I love how the sight line looks and the green paint pops like a custom job should. Yes, there is one dot of purple on there. I just couldn’t completely avoid my purple putter compulsion. (Not sure that there is an overall theme here but I did just order a Pickle Rick headcover for it.)

Assessing value is always subjective. With the Evnroll CustomER program, the final price of the putter will depend on the options you choose. In this way, the Evnroll program is similar to the Toulon Garage designer where certain options are more expensive. For my ER2v, the starting price was $389, with the selected options bringing the final price to $549.

The most expensive option is the sight line option at $50. Changing the head and neck finish will cost you $40 and custom paint is another $35. You could look at this as Evnroll trying to squeeze money out of you for every option but I think that it is actually the opposite.

You only pay for what you want and can skip the cost of options you don’t want. It is an honest way to price these putters. They could have easily set the base price for these at $550 and made all options “free.” Ultimately, that would make everyone pay for everything. As it sits, you can design a la carte and have the price reflect only your putter choices.

The Takeaway

The Evnroll CustomER putter design program is solid. It really has everything a design system needs. Choose from multiple head and neck options and dial in the putter for your length, loft and lie needs. Once it is set physically, paint it to preference. Go with a theme,or Pollock-click at random. It’s your putter to design.

Since these are Evnroll putters, it is worth noting that these all feature Evnroll putter tech designed to make you putt better. They are all precision milled for ideal weight distribution and they feature those “Sweet Face” grooves to tighten your putt dispersion. At the end of the day, most of the putter’s design still comes from master craftsman Guerin Rife but, this time around, you can say that you helped, too.

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