There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

What We Tried

TaylorMade MySpider GT Custom putter interface – The online design interface that allows golfers to create customized versions of TaylorMade’s new Spider GT putter.

Your Custom Builder

Dave Wolfe – MyGolfSpy writer and putter fanatic. I’ve tested hundreds (maybe thousands) of flatsticks.

TaylorMade MySpider GT Interface

As with their other putter designer interfaces, TaylorMade provides numerous options with the new MySpider GT designer. If you want a custom Spider GT putter, TaylorMade is here for you. You’ll not just be adding custom paint to a sight line. TaylorMade gives you artistic control over multiple physical and cosmetic aspects. The putter you build will be your interpretation of the MySpider GT.

Let’s look at the options available with the MySpider GT program.

Build Options: TaylorMade MySpider GT

  • Head Shape: Spider GT
  • Dexterity: Right or left
  • Head Finish: 12 different paint options
  • Hosel:  Single-bend, flow neck, short slant or L-neck
  • Hosel Color: Black or silver
  • Custom Engraving: Add up to 11 laser-engraved characters at two different spots on the putter sole. Choose from 15 different paint fills.
  • Alignment Scheme: Four different alignment options: no alignment, sight dot, short sight line or long sight line.
  • Face Insert: 20 different paint options for the Pure Roll2 insert with co-molded grooves.
  • GT Side Logo: 15 color options
  • TaylorMade Side Logo: 15 color options
  • TaylorMade Bottom Logo: 15 color options
  • GT Sole Plate Colors: Two
  • Weight Color Options: Two (black or silver)
  • Weight Ring Color Options: 12
  • Shaft: Fluted Feel™ Shaft in black or chrome
  • Shaft Band Color: Eight options
  • Length: 32-37 inches
  • Loft: Up to +/- 1 degree weak or strong
  • Lie: Up to +/- 2 degree upright or flat
  • Grip: Various SuperStroke, Golf Pride and Lamkin models. Most color options in SuperStroke 1.0 GTR and 1.0 Pistol.
  • Headcover: Mono or colored

The TaylorMade MySpider GT designer gives you enough options for millions of combinations of putters. Pretty sure it’s in the millions. If not the millions, then it’s way more putters than any one person should own in a lifetime, myself included.

Left-Handed Options

TaylorMade continues to give the lefties some custom love with the MySpider GT program. The only difference from the right-handed offerings is that lefties only get to choose between the single-bend and short-slant necks.

Loss of Loft and Lie

While TaylorMade gave customers the ability to adjust loft and lie with the MySpider EX designer, the MySpider GT designer lacks these options. Kind of a bummer not to see these available. Obviously, you can still get your putter bent at your local shop but It was nice to have that adjustment as a factory option.

Dave’s MySpider GT: Loxosceles reclusa

Brace yourself. This putter contains no purple. The Purple People Eater MySpider EX has exhausted my purple putter passion for the time being. Moreover, the new mocha head color option made me think of a different spider, the brown recluse. Once I had my new eight-legged muse, the color scheme for this putter came together nicely.

With the exception of the lie and loft adjustment loss, the physical build options are once again expansive. The four necks should fit a wide range of strokes. While I find plumber’s necks on mallets visually irritating, there is no question about that combination’s efficacy for some golfers. The only missing neck option is center-shafted. It seems like that would be an easy addition but maybe the projected units-sold numbers do not justify its inclusion.

I do wish there was a double-line alignment option like that found on the Spider Tour. The contours of the top do serve a similar function but are more subtle. It seems like the same machine that cuts in the offered sight lines could also cut lines at the perimeters. Maybe the edge makes this impossible?

TaylorMade MySpider GT Interface Issues: None

The TaylorMade MySpider GT builder is almost too easy to use. If you have impulse control issues, like I do, be careful. You could go from idea to purchase in just a few minutes. It’s really a click-click-done operation. I noticed a little lag when the photos updated after an option was selected but that was it.

Satisfaction and Value

The cost of the MySpider GT putter is $420. A stock Spider GT will run you a penny less than $350. So, it’s only $70 to go full custom with your Spider GT. It seems like a no-brainer decision to go custom. If you have already budgeted the $350 for a new putter, find another $70 in the couch cushions and go custom. Obviously, some of you are fine with the stock Spider GT specs but I wouldn’t let that stop you from letting your artist out in a custom design.

TaylorMade My"Putter" Designers

Is the Spider GT not your TaylorMade putter of choice. Never fear, you have these other options for customization:

The Takeaway

TaylorMade has nailed it again with the MySpider GT designer. Design your custom putter from your computer or phone and it will hit your front door in about four weeks. Like the other TaylorMade custom putter designers, the putter on your screen is pretty close to the one you will see when you open the box.

Take a spin with the MySpider GT builder and let me know what you come up with. Obviously, thematic putters are wholeheartedly encouraged.

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