When we do any kind of testing at MyGolfSpy, there are always some products that surprise us. In the 2022 Most Wanted Mallet Putter Test, the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham turned our heads. This is one of those situations where the numbers don’t lie. 

Putting stats are not overly complicated. You either make the putt or you don’t. 

We tested the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham from five, 10 and 20 feet. This putter earned top honors for the 20-foot putt, second place for five feet and fifth for 10 feet. In addition, the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham won the best value. 

If you need a new mallet putter, it’s worth looking at this one. 

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Product Details

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham is a mallet-head design with high MOI and looks very similar to the TaylorMade Spider. The double-milled face helps promote consistency and gives golfers of all handicaps better distance control. 

The overall feel and even the technology used to create this putter are nothing revolutionary. It’s a bit basic when we look at advancements in technology, weighting and shaft technology. However, this does help keep the price down.  

The parallel and perpendicular sight lines stand out—there’s a lot going on. Our testers had mixed reviews about these sight lines but they did prove to help with better alignment and impressive overall control. 



  • Dark anti-glare finish 
  • Very easy to see alignment lines
  • Consistent at impact, high MOI design 
  • Counterbalanced technology 
  • Fair price point 


  • Feel is a bit harsh at impact 
  • The performance lacked slightly in the 10-foot range 


How We Test 

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham was part of our 2022 Most Wanted Mallet Putter Test. There were 27 putters tested and more than 12,000 putts taken. We analyzed putters at five, 10 and 20 feet and chose winners within each category. With the 2022 Mallet Putter testing, there was special consideration put on one-putting. After all, our goal is to one-putt as many greens as possible and the best putter should help ensure that happens. 

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter Review

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham putter was tested from three different distances by testers of all handicaps and ability levels. The total overall score for the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham putter was 92.84/100. 

Performance From Five Feet 

With a score of 97.50, the Wilson Staff Infinite nearly won the best putter from five feet. The only putter that slightly outperformed the Wilson was the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack with a score of 98.2. 

Testers found that from less than 5 feet, the lines on the putter and the quick and responsive strike make it hard to miss. The putter does not have the softest feel but that did not seem to impact performance from five feet.

Performance From 10 Feet 

The score from 10 feet was the lowest for the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham. This is where some testers complained about the alignment lines being a bit confusing or busy. 

In addition, distance control from 10 feet was a bit more difficult to manage with the putter’s rigid feel. Overall, the weighting was considered a positive, as was the grip. 

Performance From 20 Feet 

Performance from 20 feet is essential, not just for making one-putts, but for ensuring three-putts are off the table. The Wilson Staff Infinite beat out all other mallet putters in 2022 with its performance from 20 feet. This is no easy task and something that golfers who struggle with longer putts should consider. 

The weighting, alignment lines, counterbalanced technology and overall feel set players up for success from this range. 


The Wilson Staff Infinite had a score of 92.84 out of 100 compared to 94.54 for the best mallet, the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack. Perhaps just as impressive, the Wilson Infinite Buckingham beat out the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined and the Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback. 

Tester Feedback

Our testers were able to try 27 different mallet putters in 2022 and here is what they had to say about the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham. . . 

  • The alignment lines were either loved or hated. Some testers found the lines helpful on shorter putts while others found them distracting but, based on performance from five feet, something good is happening with those lines. 
  • Golfers found that the putter’s face is hot but this gives it a bit of a harsh feel.
  • One tester mentioned that, the more they used the Wilson Infinite, the better they got with it.
  • The amount of control that players had with the Wilson Staff Infinite and the comfort they had at setup were both significant positives.

MyGolfSpy Feedback 

Bottom Line 

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham putter review should have cleared up any confusion you had about this club. It is not an expensive putter and we thought going up against premium putters that retail for three times the price would present some challenges. However, the numbers show its performance is impressive. For those in the market for a new putter without spending an entire paycheck, the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham is worth considering. 


Does Wilson make a good putter?

Wilson makes the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham which scored very close to perfect with accuracy from five feet in our 2022 mallet putter testing. The Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham also scored high for value. 

What makes a putter a good value? 

Putters that are considered to be good value typically fall in the $100 to $200 price range, have great feel and impressive consistency and make it easier to hole more putts. Putters continue to get more expensive and at times the price difference is warranted. In the case of the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham, you won’t have to break the bank to get great performance. 

Are Wilson golf clubs appropriate for low-handicappers?

Wilson designs golf clubs for those looking for performance and value, regardless of handicaps. PGA TOUR players like Gary Woodland have played with Wilson Staff blades. 

What’s the difference between Wilson and Wilson Staff? 

Wilson Sporting Goods has several brands, including Wilson Staff, Wilson, ProStaff, Profile, Ultra and Hope. Wilson Staff products are often geared towards the more serious golfer but Wilson Sporting Goods makes products for any level of player. 


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