skinniest pga tour player

Nah...You Don't Need To Pee In The Cup

With all the recent talks about drug testing on the PGA, we thought we go ahead and save them some time, by letting them have a look at our list of guys might not be in the high risk category for anabolic steroids.

  1. Mark Wilson 145 lbs
  2. Richard Johnson 145 lbs
  3. Mark Brooks 150 lbs
  4. Heath Slocum 150 lbs
  5. Kent Jones 150 lbs
  6. Ryuji Imada 150 lbs
  7. Nick Flanagan 150 lbs
  8. Vaughn Taylor 150 lbs
  9. Charles Howell 150 lbs
  10. Wee Man 35 lbs.

Got a Guy You Think Should Have Made The List?