Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke…Well

Hey…everyone understands that there is a reason for the phrase “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”. But after today’s release of yet another Burner driver from TaylorMade…which by the way comes only a few weeks after the Burner Plus driver was released…it has TaylorMade faithfuls asking themselves one question…WHY?!

Most gear heads by now are aware that TaylorMade has a different business model then most of the other big players in golf (Ping, Callaway, Titleist, etc). In many golfers minds the product cycle for TaylorMade has simply gotten out of hand though.

Plan Gone Wrong?

I am sure in the beginning the plan sounded great. I can almost close my eyes and picture the scene….big circular boardroom table…you know the ones that are so big they have the speaker in the middle….everyone in ties…cigar smoke filling the room…then…Todd Beach looks at Sean Toulon (both work for TaylorMade Golf) and says “How are we going to get a leg up on Callaway?” He replies back, “Hmmm, well we could put out a new club every month and drown’em out and then we can pay big bucks to almost everyone on all the Tours to play our clubs…if we do this then they will have no choice but to follow our lead and by that time it will be too late!” (fictitious conversation…of course).


Well for the short term it looks like their decision worked, whomever came up with the grand plan was most likely commended and given a promotion but more importantly how will this one decision effect the future of TaylorMade Golf? Well, from the comments we have received at MYGOLFSPY, at least in regards to the Burner line…they are beginning to….zzzzz….yawn! Actually more then yawn…they are starting to look other places for a driver, which is not a good sign for TM.

Most our readers agree that TaylorMade produces a quality product…but if your not going to do much more then put a new paint job or sink a useless weight in the back of a previous model then the least you could do is change the name…right?

Take A Glance: Maybe This Is The Reason

taylormade burner driver 2009
Burner 2009

taylormade burner plus driver
Burner Plus

taylormade tour burner
Tour Burner

Burner 200? (starting to forget?)

taylormade burner draw driver
Burner Draw


Burner Forged Ti Bubble 2

Burner Ti Bubble

Original Taylormade Burner
Original Burner