So which "Golf GPS Rangefinder" do you choose? Which one is the best?  There's a lot of choices out there and even more questions from consumers.  There needed to be a comprehensive test done of both the big name and smaller name Golf GPS units.  Which is exactly why the MyGolfSpy staff tested them, rated them and then compared them head-to-head to find out ultimately which models outperformed their competition. So...with that being said here is our {TOP 10 - "2012 BEST GOLF GPS RANGEFINDERS"}

1st Place - Callaway RAZR Laser GPS

As the score says, this is a perfect little laser.  The compact size , price point and performance put the Callaway RAZR Laser out in front of all the other GPS's we have tested.  The Callaway RAZR is accurate up to 600 yards and displays distance to the tenth of a yard.  This unit uses “Nikon’s First Target Priority Mode” to pick up the “closest, smallest object like the pin”.  So you are able to target trees, bunkers, and other golfers as needed.  The Callaway RAZR Laser is 10% smaller and the case on the RAZR rangefinder is a huge improvement.


2nd Place - Leupold GX-3i Rangefinder

The GX-3 was an awesome rangefinder, and the Leupold GX-3i is more accurate and faster while retaining the same great optics, compact size, and solid construction. If you’re looking to add a rangefinder to your bag, or planning an upgrade, the Leupold GX-3i needs to be at the very top of your shopping list.  In my opinion, the biggest area of improvement from the GX-3 to the GX-3i is speed.  “How much faster can it be?” My answer, “A lot.” The GX-3 is fast, but the GX-3i is Usain Bolt fast.


3rd Place - Bushnell PRO 1M Laser

The Bushnell Pro 1M set the 2012 bar very high early on with a 98%.  And up until just recently it sat as our #1 GPS Tested.  The Bushnell Pro 1M is a fast laser rangefinder.  Powers up fast then finds the target distance almost instantaneously.  Accurate to a yard from 550 yards.  The Pro 1M also comes with Bushnell’s new Vivid Display Technology (VDT).  And don’t freak out if you drop it in the wet grass, it’ll survive.


4th Place - Leupold GX-3 GPS

While Bushnell is still the biggest name in the golf rangefinder game, you definitely need to check out Leupold if you are in the market for a new rangefinder. The compact size and sturdiness got lots of positive remarks during our testing. The biggest attraction, however, was the red display.  It becomes hard to sell a golfer on anything other than a Leupold after they have seen the red display. The compact size and light weight of the Leupold is a major selling point, and it will definitely be appreciated by those who walk and carry their own bag.


5th Place - Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder

I think that the word “little” in the previous sentence speaks to the feature that truly sets the Bushnell Tour Z6 apart from the other laser rangefinders.  This is a small unit.  The Bushnell Tour Z6 continues the attractive color scheme on its Pro 1M relative.  The body is a mix of white and black, with red accents in key positions.  With the 2012 lasers, we have reached the point where there is no real need to increase speed. The Tour Z6 gives the golfer all the speed that he or she can handle.


6th Place - Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

The Bushnell Hybrid is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of golf rangefinders.  While I am not sure that the Bushnell Hybrid will become as commonplace in the golfer’s bag as a hybrid club, I do believe that putting the laser and the GPS together has produced a unit that is superior to the sum of its parts. The Hybrid is comfortable and easy to use. It provides accurate readings and should help any golfer to play a more accurate game of golf.


7th Place - Motorola MOTOACTV

Bubba Watson endorses the MOTOACTV.  The endorsement of a product by a professional golfer typically imparts some “tour-level” validity to the product.  Something along the lines of “the pro’s can use whatever they want, and they choose this”.  Bubba has definitely proven himself as an amazing golfer and by attaching his name to the MOTOACTV, the legitimacy of the MOTOACTV in the golf arena increases dramatically.


8th Place - Bushnell Pro 1600

The Bushnell 1600 Pro has a great texture and feels great on the fingers. Overall though, I find it a little on the large size. Some of my issue may come from the fact that this unit is used horizontally while my other laser fires vertically.  The unit feels substantial, but also a touch heavy. Because of the horizontal orientation, two-handed operation is almost a necessity.  So will the Bushnell 1600 Pro be the rangefinder of choice for me this season? Alas, no. I want to restate that my issue with the unit is not one of quality; it is definitely of the highest quality. My not using this unit comes from the horizontal/vertical issue.


9th Place - Matrix Shotmate Voice GPS

From the birth of golf-specific GPS devices until recently, manufacturers have piled more and more features into their units: color displays, better graphics, statistics, and yardages to every conceivable landmark on the course.  Of late, however, the GPS market has turned back towards simplicity and ease of use.  The Shotmate Voice GPS by Matrix is one of these new, simpler devices.  So, is less really more?  In a nutshell, Shotmate is a simple, accurate, easy-to-use GPS device that will give you the yardage to the center of the green.  My feeling is that it does not offer as much information as the avid or competitive golfer would want, but that it would be a solid choice for the recreational player.


10th Place - The Voice Caddie

The Voice Caddie GPS is a great product.  Yes, it has some shortcomings that some of you are not going to like, and that influenced its score.  Although, in the end, it still received a good rating.  As I have repeated several times throughout this review, know your tendencies before you buy something, and that goes for everything you buy.  Remember, this is the perfect product for the golfer who plays the same courses over and over.  If you are that golfer, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  You will save some money too!