Most Wanted Blade Putter 2015

Yesterday you saw the big list of putters we evaluated in our 2015 Most Wanted Blade Putter Test. Today we show you how they performed.

As with all MyGolfSpy testing, logos and name means nothing. Performance is everything. And our new scoring system is the most accurate way to test performance regarding player putter efficiency.

You don’t likely have the time to test twenty-nine putters, but we do. Our 2015 Most Wanted tests will point you toward the best putters in the marketplace. We’re not talking about the most popular putters, we’re talking about the putters that actually perform.


How We Test

Strokes Gained (developed initially by Professor Mark Broadie of Columbia Business School) putting has been approved by the industry and golfers as the most accurate and important way to present player putter efficiency. This statistic simply measures the average number of putts a player takes over 18 holes. The final Strokes Gained 18 number you see is the number of strokes you can expect to drop off your score for a 18 hole round of golf.

As we mentioned yesterday, MyGolfSpy scoring is based upon the Strokes Gained putting statistic. Like years previous, our testers putted from 5, 10, and 20 foot distances, but rather than measuring radial accuracy, this year we are looking at strokes gained vs. the average.

For more details about the test itself, visit our How We Test page.


The Results

The Most Wanted Blade Putter will be the one that allows you to put lower numbers on your scorecard. That’s what matters, and that is why this system of assessment was adopted.

*Hover over any column title in the chart below to enable sort features.  If the chart doesn’t load, please click here for a static version.

The Top 10

All of the putters placing in the Most Wanted Top 10 produced positive strokes gained values, ranging from the Ringo’s 1.87 to the Anser CB’s 0.43. What that means to you is that all of these putters should help you to make more putts.

Carbon Ringo 1/4


TaylorMade Tour Black Indy


Bellum Winmore 707i-CB


Byron Morgan 615


Piretti Ferrara


Cleveland Classic 1i


PING Cadence TR Anser 2 Heavy


Wilson Staff Windy City


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Low Tide Flow Limited Edition


PING Cadence TR Anser 2 CB


The Rest of the Field

Though the first few putters in this section still provided our testers with a strokes gained advantage, here is where we see the putters that provided average performance, or actually performed below average compared to the cohort. Remember, a negative strokes gained value actually means that you are giving strokes back, causing your score to go up!

mwb-11  mwb-11-1

mwb-11-2  mwb-14

mwb-14-1  mwb-16

mwb-16-1  mwb-18

mwb-19  mwb-20

mwb-21  mwb-21-1

mwb-21-2  mwb-24

mwb-24-2  mwb-24-3

mwb-28  mwb-29

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