Over the past few weeks we’ve shared the results of both our Most Wanted Blade and Most Wanted Mallet Tests. Those individual results will help blade guys find the best blade, and mallet guys find the best mallet.

But what if you’re less certain? What if you don’t care if your putter is a blade or a mallet?

Fortunately, for those who’re looking for the best putter PERIOD, this year we’re providing you with a head to head comparison of blades vs. mallets.

Does one style perform better than the other? We’ll answer the question on the top of everyone’s list…

Which Putter is The Best?

That is a valid question. Now that the Carbon Putters Ringo 1/4 has been crowned the 2015 Most Wanted Blade Putter and the PING Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy has earned the 2015 Most Wanted Mallet title, it’s only natural to want to see how they stack up against each other.

Today, we will give you the overall winner.

However, we are not just going to compare the two winners. In fact, we are going to show you how all fifty-seven putters stacked up in head-to-head competition.

This time, the title is not Most Wanted Blade or Most Wanted Mallet. Today’s winner is the Most Wanted Putter in 2015!


How We Test

Strokes Gained (developed initially by Professor Mark Broadie of Columbia Business School) putting has been approved by the industry and golfers as the most accurate and important way to present player putter efficiency.

Based on Professor Broadie’s Strokes Gained methodology, our formulas translate our results into a metric golfers can easily understand – the impact of a given putter over 18 holes.

The final Strokes Gained 18 number you see is the number of strokes you can expect to drop off your score for a 18 hole round of golf relative to the average of putters in the field. As we mentioned yesterday, MyGolfSpy scoring is based upon the Strokes Gained putting statistic. Like years previous, our testers putted from 5, 10, and 20 foot distances, but rather than measuring radial accuracy, this year we are looking at strokes gained vs. the average.

For more details about the test itself, visit our How We Test page.

For the Most Wanted overall winner, we combined the mallet and blade data together, calculating strokes gained versus the stroke average for the entire cohort. This means that the numbers can be different, since we are not just isolating the mallet or blade data sets. For consistency, all fifty-seven putters were tested by the same testers, on the same greens, and during the same time of year.


The Results

As we said before, the Most Wanted Putter will be the one that allows you to put lower numbers on your scorecard. That’s what matters, and that is why this system of assessment was adopted.

PING Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy


Carbon Ringo 1/4


MLA Tour Classic


bPutters Panther


Kronos Mandala


TaylorMade Tour Black Indy


Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang


Scotty Cameron Futura X5


Bellum Wimore 707i-CB


PING Cadence TR Rustler Standard


The Head to Head Data

To reduce the size of the chart our default view shows only those putters with strokes gained values of zero and above. We’ve provided two filters at the bottom of the chart which enable you to select a specific range of strokes gained values, mallets or blades exclusively, or 100% of the data.

*Hover over any column title in the dynamic chart below to enable sort features. If the chart doesn’t load, please click here for a static version.

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