“Our quest to create the perfect golf shoe just got one step closer with this new TOUR360.” -  Masun Denison, global footwear director, adidas Golf.

adidas TOUR360-111

Dustin Johnson’s latest new shoe is heading to retail.

I don’t want to bog you down too much with the technical details, so your big takeaway from this should be that adidas has announced a new version of its flagship TOUR360 shoe, and as you’d expect, it’s ripe with what the company calls subtle, yet significant changes.

adidas TOUR360-104

Those updates include:

New Outsole Top Plate - Wraps higher on the lateral side of the foot while still providing stability.

SPRINTSKIN Technology - ultra-lightweight microfiber that provides support and stability in the upper section of the shoe, as golfers move laterally.

Classic Toe-Down Appearance – Leather upper creates a classic distraction-free look. Not to get too far off-track here, but if you find yourself distracted by your shoes, golf might not be for you. Visual benefits aside, the updated design saves weight and increases comfort.

New Premium Heel - creating a more classic shape, the new design keeps golfers locked-in during the swing, and further increases comfort while improving durability.

Increased Outsole Flexibility – a more pliable TPU outsole increases comfort while reducing fatigue.

adidas TOUR360-110

There’s a handful of other features, including a 10-cleat puremotion TPU outsole, but ultimately the entirely of the list boils down to a new shoe that adidas says is more stable and more comfortable than the previous version.

As with that previous model, Tour360 leverages adidas BOOST material in the midsole. That material has been the source of complaints, perhaps the only consistent complaint, with the recent run of adidas golf shoes. On the plus side, most say it helps make for an insanely comfortable shoe, but it also has a reputation for soiling easily and being impossible to clean. We’ll see how it goes, but we don’t have any reason to suspect that's going to change with this release, and so it’s likely an it is what it is situation.

adidas TOUR360-108

Pricing, Availability, and Colorways

Beginning in early October, the TOUR360 will be available in 3 colorways (white/black, black/white, and white/Icey Blue. Look for additional colorways and styles (BOA, anybody?) to launch in early 2018.

As is standard for adidas, the TOUR360 comes with a 2-Year waterproof guarantee.

Retail price for the TOUR360 is $200.