Bettinardi Fans Had a Nice 2017

2017 was a pretty good year for fans of Bettinardi putters. Not only did the company give us solid updates to the Studio Stock and Queen B lines, but Bettinardi also pushed the boundaries of putter aesthetics and design with some limited edition releases.

The limited offerings began with the 2017 Tiki BB1, followed in March by a run of 200 copper-faced Queen B6 putters. The Armageddon BB1 incorporated no small dose of military-themed styling, and also introduced us to the new uPatch headcover, which followed was also released separately soon after.

Bettinardi completed their 2017 recipe by mixing in a bit of MGS forum member testing, adding a dollop of John Barba’s chat with Bob and Sam Bettinardi, and topping it off with the top-weighting-makes-better-rolling Antidote putter line. Let’s not forget that they sweetened their staff list in December by adding Francesco Molinari to the Bettinardi family.

Finally, let’s not overlook The Hive where the Bettinardi lover can find new limited-run putters on an almost weekly basis. If you have the means, and time it right, you can find something truly one of a kind in The Hive.

2017 was a solid year for Bettinardi and its fans, and 2018 looks to continue in the same fashion.

Bettinardi Gets The 2018 Ball Rolling

2018-Tiki-2 copy

In addition to the new core models that we unveiled last month, Bettinardi plans to release limited edition putters throughout 2018. The first is the 2018 BB1 Tiki.

Our new, 2018 Limited Run Tiki putter offers you a little slice of Hawaii to kick of the New Year! This putter, limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, is milled from our Soft Carbon steel and finished in a matte black PVD finish, which truly enhances the unique milling characteristics and paint scheme of this classic BB1 head style. The tribal Tiki turtle featured on the sole symbolizes long life, strength, and stability, and good luck entering the New Year. The decorative and intricate milling on the face and neck incorporates shark’s teeth, spears, and ocean waves, putting you at ease on the greens thinking about the laid-back Hawaiian life style. This BB1 comes paired with a matching Made in USA leather headcover, black leather Gripmaster grip, and will be available January 11th at select Bettinardi specialty dealers and through The Hive at

As in previous years, the first limited release putter of the 2018 season is a Hawaiian-themed BB1. This Tiki features carbon steel construction and a matte black PVD finish to fight both glare and rust.


Specifications: Bettinardi Limited Run BB1 Tiki

  • Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Face Milling: Decorative F.I.T. Face
  • Weight: 353g
  • Finish: Matte Black PVD
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 3°
  • Toe Hang: 1/2
  • Units Made: 250
  • MSRP: $495.00

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the uniquely milled F.I.T. face. The artistry of the design stopped me and my tracks. While Bettinardi’s F.I.T. milling typically softens up the feel at impact, that isn’t the story here.

2018-Tiki-Face copy

When you look at the face, you can’t help but appreciate the detail in the milling. Sure, the turtles on the putter are cute too, but what cements the theme, and sets this Tiki BB1 apart from other limited-run putters, is the face milling.

I can’t remember ever seeing so much detail in a milled face. I think that this, more than any other feature, really nails down the Hawaiian theme. It makes me want to build a Tiki bar at my house, just so that I can hang this putter up on the wall behind that bar. When it’s not out rolling balls, of course.

Don’t Sleep on The Tiki


There are only 250 of these available, so if you want the 2018 BB1 Tiki, you had better hit your Bettinardi specialty dealer or The Hive on January 11th. Some will grumble about the $495 price tag, but I am certain that these will sell out in a hurry regardless.

The Tiki sets the stage for what should be an exciting year for Bettinardi Limited Editions. If Tiki milling is any indication of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what’s next.