There are several lists of putter designs around the Internet. Most of them, however, are the “Top 5 Best Putters” or “Top 10″. Every time I crossed one of those lists I would think to myself: “Come on, there must be more than 10 great putters…”. So I decided to write down all the putter designs that came into my head; within half an hour I had over thirty of them listed. However, most of them were a little on the odd side, but most putters are nowadays. Afterwards I did some more research around the web and the list grew to 52 putters. But again I noticed that the majority of them were not your typical Anser style putter. So I decided, rather then coming up with putters most of you have already seen I would come up with a list of some of the wildest, craziest and most oddly shaped putters you might have never seen.


Chase Glenn Putter

1. Chase Glenn Putter

You’ve never seen a putter that looks like the Chase Glenn and you won’t find a putter that scores like the Chase Glenn…well so says Chase Glenn at least. Each putter is precision machined from a solid block of aluminum, anodized, then custom drilled to the angle of your choice. Chase Glenn Golf

Daito Genesis Putter

2. Daito Genesis Putter

The weight of the Genesis is concentrated in the center of the putter face, allowing for unsurpassed solid feel. The alignment system provides you with a visual confirmation of ball’s path to the hole. A new unique design that inspires confidence, which provides a visual aim no other putter can give, allowing for a level of consistency and stability, yet to be seen. Daito Golf

Dave Hicks IXI Ultimate Putter

3. Dave Hicks IXI Ultimate Putter

Well the name says it all…it’s the “Ultimate” putter. And of course it is the best seller of the many putters Dave sells on his website…it better be or how could he name it that. Dave Hicks Golf

G Field Putter

4. G-Field Leap M Putter

The G Field Leap M putter features revolutionary weighting and visual aid technology. Made of precision CNC milled Aluminum, SS303 3RTNC technology insert and tungsten ingots to prevent head twisting during the stroke it is the ultimate visual aid putter. This putter is available in different head colors, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green which includes matching color grip. G-Field Golf

fussell xcitour putter

5. Fussell XciTour Putter

Most likely inspired by the 2-Ball design…but taken to a whole other level. The entire putter is made up of precision milled aluminum and 303 stainless pieces that construct a very attractive mallet. The high MOI design makes for a very forgiving putter that seems to laugh at mis-hit putts. Off the toe, or off the heel…the Fussell XCitour didn’t feel much different. Fussell Golf

Fourteen BR-III Putter

6. Fourteen BR-III Putter

A uniquely shaped…almost lego-like, high-MOI oversized head. Easy to align and highly accurate. Made in Japan. Fourteen Golf

Puku Putter

7. Puku Putter

If you are looking to add a wild looking putter to your collection…then look no further! The Puku Putter is for you. Puku Golf

Impulsion Putter

8. Impulsion Putter

Ever heard of “Rear Arm Putting”? Neither have we…but that is what the Impulsion putter is all about.The primary objectives of Impulsion Putting are to eliminate putter-head path errors and putter-face twisting. With Impulsion Putting, various points of contact between the putter shaft and rear arm, along with the unique no yip grip positioning of the rear hand, virtually eliminate all path errors and face twisting. Impulsion Golf

Mizuno Draino Putter

9. Mizuno Draino Putter

Mizuno Draino takes advantage of the latest graphite manufacturing to encourage a smooth stroke under pressure. Graphite composite tubing is a weightless framework to control deep back weight and is used to hold a heavy steel weight far away from the light aluminum putter face – creating an extreme resistance to twisting on off center strikes. The aluminum face is both forged and milled to add a consistent roll to Draino’s exceptional forgiveness and ease of use. Mizuno Golf

Elmer M1 Putter

10. Elmer M1 Putter

The Elmer M1 Putter is the result of over 10 years of ground-breaking research and development – a truly revolutionary product, the likes of which have never been seen on a golf course.

Heavy Putter D1 DF

11. Heavy Putter D1 DF

I have loved some of the first models from Heavy Putter but some of the recent models are well…out there. I feel like they are trying to be a little too wild…is there such a thing for a putter though? From the site of D1 DF I would say no. Heavy Putter


Trios Putter

12. Trios Putter

Epon T72 Putter

13. Epon T72 Putter

We figured we would throw a blade in the mix since the mallets were running a muck. The Epon T72 is a precision forged neo-anser prototype putter. Forged from soft carbon steel and featuring a special urethane insert for soft feel. Only a limited number were made so this one is very rare. Epon Golf

Sasaya Putter

14. Gold’s Factory

Hand Made by M. Sasaya

Triad Putter

15. Triad Putter

Triad putters can be configured to your preference, as it changes over time or on a daily basis with the conditions of the greens. No other putter adapts to your personal needs like a V-MOI putter can. After all, putting is personal. Mentor Sports

Kramski Putter

16. Kramski Putter

Limited to 1000 Putters in total, the HPP 330 is an outstanding performer – a precise tool and also a perfect gift for every golfer. Simply put: The KRAMSKI Putter will convince you immediately through its sensational putting results. The perfect balance and the technical details are unique. Kramski Golf

Pinfire Putter

17. Pinfire Putter

This putter might have made the list as one of the craziest putters but…Pinfire has recorded three 59’s and one 58 in tournament play. Now thats crazy! With its six dimension sighting system, balanced weighting, and CNC milling. Pinfire Golf claims they have created the “perfect putter”. PinFire Golf

Shotgun Putter

18. Shotgun Putter

Bang…enough said!

Epon TL3 Putter

19. Epon TL3

Epon Golf

Penta Putter

20. Penta Putter

Penta Golf

Zomo Z Zero Putter

21. Zomo Z Zero Putter

Zomo Golf Japan

Goolie Putter

22. Goolie Putter

The unique position of the CG, which is balanced in three directions (heel, toe, and back), provides for an immediate roll of the ball and minimizes skid, while preventing putter head twist during the swing.

Tourstage ViQ Putter

23. Tourstage ViQ Putter

The ViQ line is made with heavy weights and easy alignment. With stainless weights in the sole to keep your stroke on line and a soft iQ insert for feel and roll.

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