The caddie on your wrist just got a whole lot smarter.

Arccos, the self-proclaimed pioneer of artificial intelligence in golf, has announced a long-awaited update to its Arccos Caddie Apple Watch application. Among the headlining changes are updates to the UX and the ability to start an Arccos Caddie round directly from the watch itself.

The application itself isn’t new. It was first released to the masses in July 2021. Arccos hopes this major update will overhaul the entire user experience in a positive way.

“From a product standpoint, we have completely redeveloped the Arccos Caddie app for Apple Watch architecture from the ground up,” said Dave LeDonne, Vice-President of Product. “With well over half a million rounds played by Arccos members on Apple Watch last year alone, this redesign makes the experience dramatically better.”

So what did Arccos learn from the half a million rounds played on Apple Watch? Let’s dive into some of the major updates and how they can potentially help your game.

Something New

Arccos Apple Watch Application interface

The ultimate draw of the major updates Arccos made to its Apple watch application is the ability to start, track and end your round without touching your phone. The new Arccos Caddie Apple Watch app promises a phone-free experience so you can focus on what’s important—your game.

In addition to the phone-free capabilities of the application, users are also able to more precisely track pin locations. A press of a button allows the golfer to mark the precise flag location for more accurate short-game and putting insights.

Caddie Cornerstone

An Arccos application wouldn’t be useful without the ability to connect to the company’s flagship product, the Arccos Smart Sensors. The updates to the Apple Watch app won’t change any of the basics that Arccos is already good at. You’ll still receive distances, club recommendation and personalized advice to help you reach your handicap goal.

The Strokes Gained analysis and in-round tips are still baked into the experience, too.

Who’s Eligible for the Update?

Arccos Apple Watch App various screens

In order to experience the new Arccos Caddie features you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 5 or newer. Once installed, all the user needs to do is confirm the course and tees being played and press “Start Round.”

Arccos Apple Watch Application Update – Key Features Recap

Arccos Apple Watch App new update is here.

  • Start, track and end your round directly from your Apple Watch.
  • Mark precise pin locations without touching your phone.
  • Optimized for Apple Watch Series 5 or newer.
  • Connects to Arccos Smart Sensors for accurate club data.
  • Available to Apple Watch users starting today.

Not sold on Arccos’s data-driven approach to improving your game? The company claims Arccos members who play and track at least 10 rounds with Arccos Caddie lower their handicap by an average of 5.71 strokes.

Too good to be true? That’s for you to decide. Rest assured that the major application update should at least make the whole process more streamlined.

Do you have an experience with Arccos you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below. In the meantime, learn more about what Arccos can do for you here.


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