Written By: Tony Covey

When Bridgestone announced the J715 (and now J815) drivers, perhaps the most compelling bit of included technology is what Brdigestone is calling a Power Milled Face. Unlike most drivers which may have a few score lines and a relatively smooth face, Bridgestone’s Power Milling adds a series of narrowly spaced grooves to the hitting area.

Here’s what, according to Bridgestone, Power Milling accomplishes:

“Patented face milling pattern works to reduce the common ball slippage at impact problem that drivers today encounter. Maintaining the ball’s position of impact leads to increased quality compression time that results in reduced spin (200-300 RPMs based on robot testing) for straighter and longer drives.”

The guys at Bridgestone provided us this video (all the way from Japan) that shows how the ball better sticks to the milled face.

We’ve added subtitles to help you follow along (be sure to move your cursor off the video).

Technology in Action