Unique Golf Gifts For The Golfer Who Has Everything
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Unique Golf Gifts For The Golfer Who Has Everything

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Unique Golf Gifts For The Golfer Who Has Everything

Do you have a golfer in your life who has more golf gear, clothing and accessories than they could ever use? Maybe you’re tired of buying your partner a box of Pro V1s year after year.

Let’s face it: no one wants more socks or another country club logoed hat. Each golfer is unique, and we feel they deserve something … well … different! We’ve compiled a great list of unique golf gifts that range from little-known pieces of golf art to interactive putting games for the whole family.

If you are feeling stressed about buying the perfect gift for your favorite golfer, here are our picks for the best unique gifts for the golfer who has everything. 

Ghost Golf Towel 

Unique golf gifts

The Ghost Golf Magnetic Towel is 18 inches square and it’s unlike other towels most golfers have on their bags. With a magnetic end, the Ghost Golf towel sticks to golf carts, golf clubs … anything metallic. 

Normally, the towel retails for $48 but it’s on sale for $30. There are 10 colors available. Getting something bright may help to avoid leaving the towel behind after finishing up a hole. 

  • Premium microfiber material
  • Machine-washable 

Rypstick Training Package 

Unique golf gifts Rypstick

The Rypstick Training Package comes with the Rypstick and RypRadar 2.0. Golfers who are looking to add swing speed can get a lot out of this package. The great thing about this speed training program is that it comes with a free swing analysis. 

Regardless of a golfer’s current ability level, the Rypstick will break down the exact process to gain speed, distance and consistency. Who knew you could gift someone more speed?

  • Several different lengths 
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons 
  • Can be used as both a warm-up and a training tool 

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor 

Unique golf gifts Skytrak Plus

Even golfers who have everything may not have one of these yet.

The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor is a dual Doppler radar system equipped with machine-learning software. The SkyTrak+ is very accurate with a ton of capabilities. Staying busy during the winter season won’t be a problem.

A SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor is $2,995 and it comes with all necessary cables, the launch monitor itself, the SkyTrak App and the virtual driving range. In other words, you can give this as the gift, and it’s usable right out of the box. 

  • Track data points like club head speed, club path, face angle, smash factor 
  • 40% larger hitting area than other models (easier to setup and use) 
  • Pricey but premium technology for the serious golfer 

HackMotion Core 

Unique golf gifts Hackmotion core

HackMotion Core is a unique sensor a golfer can wear on their wrist. The HackMotion  measures wrist angles at setup, at the top of the backswing and at impact. 

The great thing about HackMotion is that it works in real time, allowing golfers the feedback and feel they need to get their swing dialed in. 

The HackMotion Core is $295 and will work for golfers of any skill level.

  • Helps players learn to control flexion and extension in their wrists 
  • Lots of training information and challenges are included on the app 
  • No annual fee 

Phigolf 2

Unique golf gifts Phigolf 2

Phigolf 2 is a golf simulator and swing stick designed to be used indoors and outdoors. It’s one of the more unique golf gifts out there. A golfer can attach a sensor to their own club or use the included swing stick to play a round of golf from the comfort of home. 

Many simulators require a lot of room and several thousand dollars to start. The Phigolf 2 is more budget-friendly at $295. It also comes with access to 76 courses and is set up within a matter of minutes. It’s great as a training tool and a fun game for the family.  

  • Good option for average golfers looking to take some extra swings at home 
  • Kind of a mix between a simulator and a video game 

Blue Tees Magnetic Rangefinder Strap 

Never lose another rangefinder!

Most of the new premium rangefinders come with a built-in magnet to stick to the golf cart. However, if you know a golfer who does not have a magnetic rangefinder, you can change that for them with the Blue Tees Magnetic Rangefinder Strap. 

The quad magnetic technology securely locks onto any metal object. It’s durable, strong and compact. In addition, the strap fits most rangefinders, not just Blue Tees. For $29.99, this gift is a great way to transform a non-magnetic rangefinder into something much more usable. 

  • Strong magnet
  • Easy to attach 
  • Makes it easier to get quick yardage 

Pins & Aces LiquorStick 2.0

For the golfer who enjoys a beverage or two on the course, the Pins & Aces LiquorStick 2.0 is a perfect gift. This unique drink dispenser retails for $99 and holds up to 25 ounces. The LiquorStick 2.0 fits in every golf bag. It’s easily one of the most unique golf gifts.

With a rechargeable battery-operated dispensing pump and a ground spike, your golfing friends won’t even believe this product exists. 

  • Comes with a small plug to eliminate spilling 
  • Constructed of food-grade stainless steel 

Zoom Broom Breeze

The Zoom Broom Breeze is a compact and lightweight cordless stick blower. Although this can be used on the golf course, it’s also great for pickleball or other outdoor activities. The Zoom Boom Breeze fits directly in the golf bag and can deliver up to 75 mph of wind to clear a green quickly and easily. 

For golfers who play a lot of fall golf, the $179 Zoom Broom Breeze is a unique golf gift that is simple and easy to use. Who knew a leaf blower could come in handy?

  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Truly a unique gift for the golfer who has everything 

Ripit Grip Set 

For golfers who love customization and color, the Ripit Grip Set is a great gift. For $133, you can put together a one-of-a-kind set of eight grips built specifically with your gift recipient in mind. The Ripit Grips have patterns like the Marilyn 2.0, Big Cat, and Uncle Sam. 

With the Ripit Grip Set, you get standard-sized grips with a core size of 60. The synthetic rubber design creates a weather-resistant grip built to last. The cool thing is that the grips you add to the set do not need matching patterns, so you can get pretty creative. 

  • Fun patterns
  • Feel and performance are consistent throughout the set 
  • Durable construction

Fixx Elbow

If you know a golfer who has had to take some time off due to injury, the Fixx Elbow could be a thoughtful gift choice. The Fixx Elbow was designed by physical therapists to create a physical therapy-like solution at home. 

For $399, you get the medical device, a free app to help manage therapy and a travel case. For golfers who also play tennis or pickleball, the Fixx Elbow will be a godsend. 

  • One-year warranty 
  • Non-invasive healing methods 

PUTTR Smart Putting Green

The PUTTR Smart Putting Green is $599 and has endless opportunities for entertainment and fun. With the Puttr being a newer product, it may be something your golf-obsessed friends don’t have yet. 

You only need 2′ x 12′ of floor space and a phone or tablet to connect it to. PUTTR lets you play interactive challenges and games and watch the real-time leaderboards. For golfers who love to practice and those who love to socialize, the PUTTR Smart Putting Green is a great gift. 

Whether you’re a big golfer or just love a good time, the PUTTR is simply one of the best gifts out there.

  • Has 50-plus games and drills 
  • Comes with a storage bag and power cord 
  • Options for multiple players to enjoy 

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 

If the golfers in your life enjoy playing through the winter months, the G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 is a gift to consider. Used by NFL players and PGA TOUR players, this battery-operated unit stays warm for up to 12 hours. 

Priced at $165, the G-Tech is weather-resistant and quick to heat up. Golfers can simply turn the warmer so it’s behind them to avoid any issues with getting in the way of the swing. 

  • Great for the golfer who’s also an outdoor enthusiast
  • Machine washable 
  • Heat levels are adjustable 

Voodoo Golf Tee Holder

For a golfer with a sense of humor, the Voodoo Golf Tee holder may be the magic you need. This tee holder holds up to eight tees, is priced at $27.99 and easily clips onto any golf bag. 

  • Great gift for a fun golfer
  • Tees stay in pre-cut holes without falling out 

Uther Tour Towel 

The Uther Tour Towel is a 20″ x 40″ towel for golfers who take the towel game seriously. It features moisture-wicking microfiber, lint-free construction, anti-microbial properties and some coolest designs. 

Priced at $29.99, the Uther Tour Towel adds a bold statement to any golf bag. 

  • 13 pattern options 
  • Large towel with plenty of room for cleaning clubs

Wheaton Golf Co Ferrule Keychain

Using the Wheaton Golf Co Ferrule Keychain is a subtle way of saying that golf is what you live for. These keychains are machined from 303 stainless steel and 360 brass. They are shiny, well designed and come in various patterns and colors. 

The Ferrule Keychain is on sale now for $30. 

  • Great gift for the serious lower handicapper 
  • Long-lasting design 
  • A gift the golfer in your life won’t already have

Jason Clewell Golf Course Oil Painting Prints

Still struggling to buy for a golfer who has everything mentioned on our list? A Jason Clewell original golf course oil painting is a one-of-a-kind option to consider. If you can’t find a print or original oil painting you like, reach out to Clewell to commission a piece. 

Pricing for reproduction prints starts around $53, depending on the size, and the originals are about $640.

  • Beautiful golf course prints 
  • Oil on canvas with edges that match 
  • Mountain, ocean, lake courses 

Boomin Belts 

Music on the golf course is becoming more popular. For $99, you can give the gift of a belt combined with music on the course. The Boomin Belt has an interchangeable buckle faceplate that is lightweight and easy to connect. 

The Boomin Belt comes with a rechargeable battery and has six hours of continuous playtime at full volume. Golfers can also take phone calls through the speaker, making this a multi-functional gift. 

  • Black or gray color options 
  • Compact size with incredible sound quality 
  • Water-resistant 

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